I hear you call out and I give chase
To your aid is the goal I race
You sit there bound up on knots
And I give pause lost in thoughts
How to approach the enigmatic
Not making it more problematic

With sword I could cut your free
Quick and messy that would be
To undo each and every bind
Would leave me no peace of mind
The twists and turns taken
Leave sores that leave you shaken

I try best to deflect you broody quips
Yet they sharpen my replies to sour tips
I think briefly to let you work alone
In one look you cut to bone
If I left now I would never return
By that time you could burn
Leaving nothing of what had been
And in my mind a painful din
So I endure
And pull you with demur
Uncertain of what strand may brake
Knowing that you I would not forsake



No Title

The thoughts and fears in our head
When we are ready, will be shed
Unlike chaff from the wheat
It does not require ourselves to beat.
Carried carefully through every day
It is them who are most in our way
In our mind they grow tall
Nourished and fed one and all
They need not be harvested
It is best if they are divested
Sill each time one forms
It takes room in the dorms
That we foster and planed
And give energy to expand

Let these thoughts not stay
You need not listen to their bay
They should be held then released
If they are famished you will feast
They will know many guises
So acknowledge them not as surprises
You can not be just one way
Else you not bend when paths stray


I roam the chambers of my house
In search of a little mouse
The mouse cleans with broom
Empty is each room
I look at images on the walls
Analyzing the little scrawls
Mouse has neatened and smudged
Yet some details he can’t budge
Ideals shine through bright
While inspiration is cloaked in night
I hear the past call out
Not one I return the shout
Mouse is curtain hanging
Hiding doors, windows, lighting
Out, I take candle
Darkness it will handle
Yet smells I will not mask
My thoughts and fears
Progress toward me nears
In the dark they cower
Nigh each knows its power
Mouse scurries to my feet
Louse reeks of deceit
I kick it out
On its way
I send a shout.
Here he cannot play

Underworld Fare

It can belie your hopes
Unless you hope for fear
It can bring despair
Troubles to contentment

Regardless the armor
Regardless it cuts deep
Regardless it takes
Regardless there is emptiness

It has its own schedule
It has its own methods
It has its own timeline


The defense is trust
The network built
The bonds forged
The memories made

Belief in better
Legacy for the future
Tools to repair and rebuild
It is not my world
But I am not without impact

First Impressions

Moonlight sweeps across the floor,
The mind wonders what’s in store.
The heart gnaws in doubt
As unrelated past give a shout
Breaking dawn leads the way
Scattering thought that leads astray.
Her brown eyes and smiling face
Stand out more than the time or place.
I think of things left not said
Wondering what dwells in her own head.

Observations of Lions

She stares out at the savanna, knowing that they play regardless of who may be watching. This is their home and she is but a visitor. Two of them greet each other with gentle head butting that would knock her to the ground. One of them flashes its open mouth, a quick yawn or a warning of the deadliness hidden under her beauty.

Yet she watches in reverie, enthralled with the anticipation of what they will do next as yet another joins the group and shares in the greetings. If not for the apparent size difference, she would think them the same as her ones back home that wait for her return. Her mind wonders to that of sitting in a chair on her computer as one of her cats comes up to her and nuzzles her with affection and want of attention. The joy and comfort she is feeling is amplified by her lover’s hand upon her back. He is there watching in fascination with her too.

The gentle caress of his hand brings to mind his own pet name for her, his snow leopard. Her thoughts dwell on all the attributes it has and she feels like she lacks. It is a creature of great power and beauty; never to be tamed. Questions enter her mind as she wonders if he sees the same things in her that she sees in it. She steels a quick glance and recalls the confidence he has in her, greater than her own sometimes. She feeds on those compliments, repeating them quietly to herself and still questions where he gets such ideas.

The lions in the field are now resting gazing pleasantly across the field now. The cats here are much like the ones at home. As they get sleepy you feel as if they beckon you to sleep with them. Or is it that they leach your energy to recharge themselves. The feeling is hard to say at this moment. For in the comfort of her family she understands why they are comfortable. In this moment she feels as though she empathizes most with the animals in the field more than many she knows back home.


If happiness was all I needed, I would be done
Conquest of a trouble, would wait on the sun
A struggle is not always a bad thing
Solving a problem does not have to sting
Yet boredom can muddle the way
When we let our focus stray

When the anxiety comes fast
I would much prefer to letting it go past.
Without a care in the world it can go by
However we look up at it with a sigh
How much better can we make it
Our mistake, we think it does not get
Of problems and situations
The real meanings and applications

Our scope we make narrow
Not seeing all the farrow
A mess is rightly perceived
And our perception deceived
Trying to untangle all from the mud
Mistaking rust for the smell of blood
Now in defense of our right
To justify what we want in our sight

Where did my hope for a smile go
It was here just a moment ago
With confusion and dearth
Can I look back at it with mirth
Seeing the silliness I have made
Or will I sow anger with what I bayed
My minds convolution is what I wrought
Simple is what I sought

Path of words

I left a path of words
Thoughts, ideas, mantras,
Not knowing you would follow.

A map to where I dwell
Useless for one to sell
Each sentence another stone
A winding road being grown
Simply leading you to me
My goal to intrigue thee
But sometimes in cypher
Other times muddier
Not to make you tired
My intentions not misjudged
We are petty
And interest slippery

I saw my vision shallow
Letting me see a world hallow
It was not mine to own
Ours to share with renown
Remodel, add on, and maintain
You I could not detain
To add your own refrain
And widen this word lane.


Oh little one
The things I tell you to run
My thoughts and Dreams
Make them your schemes
Trivial wisdom without application
It is all my lost satiation
You need your own
Alas it only is when you are grown

I will watch and guide
Your whims I will abide
Your hunt for grace
I shall not erase
I give you courage and hope
And then narrow your scope

Push my boundaries when you tread
I made them long ago in my head
With rust and age
I maintain them like a phage
They are my limits
But may not for you be off limits

Find light where I have snuffed it out
Seek for yourself what you are about
One day you may see my way
And think it like a sheltering bay
Yet I tell you tarry not
For you have a long way to trot