Searching in Isolation

Searching for a word
I cannot talk of the absurd
Looking for hope in snippets
And all I am finding are crickets
Is it my job to be upbeat and stable
Uplift those around me when able
When my foundations are weak
And feel my strength begin to squeak
I do not demand others to uphold
I lack courage to be so bold
Instead I am left shore up my own bed
Shaking the rot from my own head
Looking for the light of a new day
Listening to the gentle winds sway
I miss all that was familiar in life
The way it was cut without knife
Lends sight to holes we filled
With everything that was billed
Patch them now with new growth
Fill them not with new loath

Part 6

Hobgoblin lead to second gate
Where manticore stood to defend
Vigilant like statue grand

Elf interrogated about Topaz state
Reply of flew to Emerald’s bend
There three look for strong stand

I am here for trespasser feast
And seal the gate once you pass
Hurry now I see them at river fjord

Goblin glanced past man beast
Army cut at river wall of glass
Only time kept moving onward

Gate clinked behind hiking trio
As distant crash rolled in ahead of storm
Slow progress up mountain was frustrate

Day wore on and fatigue did grow
Rest they made as stars tried swarm
Elf worried cure may come too late

Two days passed in determined ascent
Three making light enemy demise
For they were certain of lofty goals

Five flames from ground rent
Six times before the witch arise
Seven seconds before her tolls

Ate anger and rage at goblin
Nine steps charged elf with spear
Ten arrows from hobgoblin flew

Witch dodged like a darting robin
Shooting bolts of Elven fear
Brewing chaos in her stew

Elf fell in useless bloody pile
As Goblin hatchet hit bone
Of witch’s back with rage unmatched

Calm flowing like witches bile
And goblin now in solemn tone
The two tend to elf and patched


Open bright and wide
I see the shock of things to come
Hesitant on the change inside
Where do these new thoughts flow from
Yet excitement seizes control
Trying to tread where life now leads
And I stumble like a foal
I ignore the scrapes that bleed
What is this new sensation
Driving me on when I want to sit
I look out on endless creation
Exploration of it to not quit


In these chains I am found
In these chains I am bound

This one to friend
This one to pretend
This one to family
This one to safety

In these chains I am found
Chains that keep me down

This one is all rusted
This to someone trusted
One for an oath in the night
One for a threat made in a fight
One that keeps me sane
One that holds back pain
Many to Obligations or a job
More chains you can’t rob

In these chains I am found
Chains that keep me sound

They hold me so I don’t descend
Blocking any thought to amend
Bar my path to the edge
Safe from the unknown they pledge

From these chains do not free
Without these chains I cannot be