The cast of shadows scurry away from red
Waking greens stretch from their bed
The shifting orange of morning light
Makes purple and black take flight
Long gray clouds drift and race by
In hunt for more cerulean sky
Silver lune accepts demise
Sol yellow now seen rise


Down a path of spinning leaves
Out yonder past the eyes of thieves
Go further than bushes of thorns and bees
Closer to hedges of green under trees
To a place of haven, moss calm
That is where you find open palm
Rest in the sanctuary of the vale
Let your troubles away now sail
Inhale the wind crisp and deep
Exhale your sorrows, no longer steep
Once there you shall never take flight
A nest of peace and tranquility bright
Under the watch of verdant sentry
Tension ebbs with new serenity
Let go of vague burdens old
Harbor not these memories mold
Bend with the changing of now
Learn from the world not disavow
Travel back from cover of arbor
Return from the relaxing harbor
Once more to the where you know
Let peace be now what sow
Understanding be your wrath
Help those far off path


Roux II

It was the burning eyes
Not the cut of the blade
That brought him down to size
Down in Avender’s glade
Where the forest flames grew
Brighter than the night
In purple and green hues
Where Roux lured him to fight

It had been legends talk
From fairy foe gleaned
That led Gunter on walk
Among forest unpreened
Along valley descent
To glade before seen not
Years in hunt he spent
In brutal chase fraught

Roux hid in shadows and wood
Avoiding fight and confrontation
Gunter after enchanted hood
Was left with consternation
Robe of secrecy and gateways
Was hers by right of birth
Control of surprise and pathways
Gunter saw its worth

Gunter Lord of the land and people
Not accepting of those unrelenting
Roux did not see him as equal
His reason and rule was her dissenting
It started when Gunter took her home
Forced Roux out to forest grand
Then built castles and walls in loam
It was then she took a stand

In Avender’s she would slip
Where Roux would not be scared
With Gunter’s fear he did try grip
But alas trials he not spared
As the two in glade did fight
Roux allies did come to aid
Till ultimately he faced plight
Gunter in glade now laid


Evening fog set abound
As nothing else made a sound
Kit sat a watch and trap
All part of the plan map
In dark green cloak he wait
As behind light egress gate

In temple’s yard with musty smell
Now deserted as sound distant bell
A shadow descends down temple stair
A patter of claws and no one is there
Fog now rising to the waist
Patience mulled as he paced

Warned he was about this place
Trials he would soon to face
The first would be a ghostly light
With which he could not fight
Second would be keeper’s sword
He was not welcome to that hoard
Third would be sent from above
Indefensible with leather and iron glove
Fourth would come to be the last
Do not accept it as repast

These warning were of no concern
It was such spirits he would spurn
Kit was here to collect their master
An ambivalent spell caster

Now came the glow in temple spire
Was this the ghost he could not retire
It came down to yard with great speed
As it clipped shoulder, he did bleed
It was the leaves in its wake
That caused him pain to take
Still Kit stood in patient pose
Ghost came round to see if they foes
When light came close again
It flashed a hollow toothy grin
And like that ghost left to find
Things to torment and bind

Fog now a sea up to his arms,
Thinning and seeping to neighbor farms
No alarm would be raised
By land no longer tilled or phased
Looking for clouds in motion
Tossing vials full of potion
When each glass shatters
They reveal what truly matters
Figments of anxiety on stress
Clear out from the mess
Bushes and stones of stories past
Memorials to things that do not last
Then the crunch of glass reveal
The movement of coming steel

Lithe comes the armored lad
Carrying the sword named Klad
K for the coming kill
L for loathing the blood it spill
A for atonement in its wake
D for the debt you make
Wielded by the last to hold
Bonded till someone else so bold
Klad thrust to the sky
Challenging him next to ally

No choice but to defend
Shield is what he send
In thickest fog of night
Kit was losing view of the fight
Yet near his trap he must stay
If he is to last till the day
“Meduser” he then spoke
Shield’s protection to evoke
Armor to the ground then fell
Sword then Kit tried charm and sell
His shield swelled in confiance
Rebuking pitch in defiance
Sword left temple ground
Back to creator’s mound

The fog started to dissipate
At some time around midnight
The quiet rest between trials
Let Kit’s mind wander miles
Thoughts temples past
Again filled with hopes this last
Caster could problem solve
If willing to let powers convolve
In one last try to flight
Scourge of northern plight

It was in quite reverie
That a choir hit sensory
Banshee terrors from temple’s Apse
Shriek’s his resolve it saps
Till once more Kit’s focus gained
Through mental powers strained
Grabbing out his enchanted helm
Their song he sought to whelm
He notched an arrow next
Looking at banshees vexed
He shot high into the air
Bursting light assailants scare

Banshees three did retreat
As night crept back from farms feet
Once Back to Apse safe keep
The fog at last had gone sleep
Kit took off cumbersome hat
And watched distant skulking cat
Thinking again lecture he would give
To magic user if he live

From temple step did figure descend
Toward Kit it did now wend
Speaking words in lang ancient
Kit strained to understand patient
As shadowed man came near
He felt a tinge of fear
Was this really an demon old
And kit fool and bold
As hood rolled back from gray hair
Magic user gave stop and stare
She changed to modern dialect
Asking Kit was she who he expect
No came his calm reply
For he had expected less spry
But confident in offer made
He waited for his leave be bayed

Out reached bottle in hand
Drink she said in voice bland
Exhausted Kit reached for the drink
Then in back of my he did think
Hesitation filled his soul
Was this the fourth trial’s toll
But if sorcerer he did offend
Upon who then could he defend
Wisdom did prevail
As his grip then did fail
Bottle then did sail
Shattered upon temple shale
Glistening in her eye
Kit did now espy
For not this was only sprite
Who taunted with delight
Floated off in dismay
Kit had not fallen for display

Light now crept from horizon in
Fog gone with rooster din
Then silence in air hung
And trap lay sprawled unsprung
No caster of temple curse
Kit without further trick in purse
Morning maiden up path came
To open gate and songs proclaim
Smiled at him as she passed
His eyes in respect he uncast
Then thought stuck with a jolt
After her Kit did bolt
Begging a moment of her day
Was last night all her display


planted with a future hope
through soil tendrils grope
In suburban cold it crawls
toward waiting winter squalls
peaking through the ground
in quiet nighttime sound
the first taste of morning light
energizes for the fight
comfort in warmth of spring
building strength for to sing
among so many kin
each fight without a din
wars to live each make
seeking out ground to take
pushing higher in the air
till bursting with color flair
a buffet of powder delight
to those in daily, darty flight
each in kind a need is met
till the hunger is now set
late summer starts the fade
leaves and petals then cascade
storing up for future years
off go children with no tears
showy fading as time goes by
quietly into the autumn nigh
next year to be reborn again
down in the valley glen

A moment

The day breaks before me
Blank pages to fill with melody
Yet I sit in quiet solace
Of yesterday’s that befall us

Something of great umbrage
Weighs in on my knowledge
Of action not taken for change
To venture outside is not so strange

And here I sit another day
Toiling in time for my pay
While news makes one weep
For loss of what can not keep

There is still time to save
What is not lost in our wave
Overwhelming it may be
Beyond this murk I must see

Though clouds may abound in view
No longer each morn can I stew
Yet what path should I follow
So many lead to world hollow

Do I follow will-o’-wisp light
Or someone else to their plight
I find no one to lead the way
And still here I cannot stay

I stand here on the cusp of sun
Should to it I now run
Yet it not my beacon guide
And again I must soon decide

Is it on I go another round
Planted firmly to the ground
Careful in my choices made
As another hour has decayed

Part 7 (Final)

On hobgoblin shoulders born
Elf slows the progress
Allies time has bought for all

But for Topaz time is forlorn
As life takes its egress
Dragon flies to goblin call

Landing in front of path
Topaz makes quotes in rasp
My kin will save the tree

They shall not exude wrath
Though pain is within grasp
Use tonic elf and none for me

My spell in one day cast
So seal the arbor safe
And reptile guard inside

Do not avenge our world past
Though the memories chafe
My final wish do abide

Hobgoblin, Elf, and Goblin heed
Upon this spot hospital do build
Granting aid to friend and foe

Show where final gate path lead
For those who are strong willed
The remaining arch will show

Part 5

Sylph flipped three cards
She puzzled in her eyes
Flipping out more fates

She hummed ballads
And though paused sighs
She began to speak the mates

Do you know of Snow Bear
The Legion of Vale Fall
Or Mercenary Queen Tir Lyre

Sylph answered before trio dare
All hear forest heart call
Riches from which they desire

They will storm the three gate
With plans to slay guardians grand
Goblin is now chink in scheme

Antidote for Topaz’s fate
Amethyst will brothers band
Your three fates still in dream

Beyond this repast
I will be no help
So I shall use my magic

Wall of water iced blast
Will leave them like whelp
Till its fall tragic

No harm may I do
Yet in delay I may aid
Make haste to yonder slope

My fate worry not you
I will stand not afraid
For your future is only hope

Part 4

Second watch elf was wake
Thoughts of day in mind raced
Trust and doubt battle fought

Quiet morning sun did make
Eager to head out elf paced
On horizon Topaz signs sought

Onward to mountain cave
Goblin by Elf lead
Hope rising of quiet morning

Topaz would soon be save
Protecting glen from outer greed
Sudden arrow without warning

Arrow pierced goblin arm
Elf searched for archer
Before second volley fly

Elf fired arrow in alarm
From sound of army marcher
Amethyst passed overhead in sky

Dragon let lightning loose
Down fell archer from his roost
Elf to Goblin wound did tend

Scouts in distance use
Direction of army deduced
Reckless abandon no safety spend

As duo made their haste
At bridge new ally met
Hobgoblin friend of elf

Relaying tale of army chased
Hobgoblin agree onward to set
Toward river of one more sylph

No rest would trio bind
On travels to Topaz mine
One day more till mountain climb

Cross river sylph they find
On fish and apples she dine
Urging trio to join in her chime

Part 3

At gate Amethyst paced
Over ashen bodies he trod
Spying distant two in rush

At attention dragon braced
As approached foe with rod
Ogre spell cast and fell a hush

Silenced Amethyst clawed
While elf and goblin pierce
Victorious lizard smiled at ally’s return

Goblin offered healing and laud
Amethyst returned fierce
Ogre body now to burn

Elf and goblin on ward went
Topaz next they seek
In no less harmless land

Across meadows time was spent
Goblin trailed feeling meek
Elf in growing confidence planned

The two stopped at fountain ruin
To drink each their fill
When from sky assailant flew

Down from Sky stones were strewn
As harpy onslaught grew intent on kill
Elf from back javelin drew

Hurling pole toward nearest foe
Harpy cawed and mocked
Goblin search pack for aid

Stone met armor in each blow
Goblin hand around hatchet locked
Turned and flung at assailant blade

Hatchet hit harpy wing true
While stones continued to fly
Elf chanted sacred spell

Goblin bid fallen harpy swift adieu
And Elven flame came from the sky
Harpy menace it did quell

As night fell shelter the pair sought
Another day till Topaz be healed
Bitter root stew no sate did provide

Goblin watched first with trust bought
Quiet sentry with lantern and sword wield
First moon set was night’s divide