Mockingbird sing me your song
Listening to the wind sing along
The trees’ leaves sing as they sway
Their song is the same every day
Mockingbird you change your voice
With each song expressed with choice

Mockingbird sing me your song
Of where you have been, in voice strong
Tell me of dawn horizon sight
Lyrics of great lune lit flight
Ballads’ of hunters spurned
And tales of lessons learned

Mockingbird end here your sing
Ready for flight, spreading wing
Go forth and spread your cheer
Bounding from rooftop far and near
Other birds may chirp a tune
But mockingbird come back soon


Down a path of spinning leaves
Out yonder past the eyes of thieves
Go further than bushes of thorns and bees
Closer to hedges of green under trees
To a place of haven, moss calm
That is where you find open palm
Rest in the sanctuary of the vale
Let your troubles away now sail
Inhale the wind crisp and deep
Exhale your sorrows, no longer steep
Once there you shall never take flight
A nest of peace and tranquility bright
Under the watch of verdant sentry
Tension ebbs with new serenity
Let go of vague burdens old
Harbor not these memories mold
Bend with the changing of now
Learn from the world not disavow
Travel back from cover of arbor
Return from the relaxing harbor
Once more to the where you know
Let peace be now what sow
Understanding be your wrath
Help those far off path



planted with a future hope
through soil tendrils grope
In suburban cold it crawls
toward waiting winter squalls
peaking through the ground
in quiet nighttime sound
the first taste of morning light
energizes for the fight
comfort in warmth of spring
building strength for to sing
among so many kin
each fight without a din
wars to live each make
seeking out ground to take
pushing higher in the air
till bursting with color flair
a buffet of powder delight
to those in daily, darty flight
each in kind a need is met
till the hunger is now set
late summer starts the fade
leaves and petals then cascade
storing up for future years
off go children with no tears
showy fading as time goes by
quietly into the autumn nigh
next year to be reborn again
down in the valley glen