May I Walk With You

May I walk with you
In time things will ensue
But in this now let us share
A moment without a care
Let us stroll as far as we can
No thought of consequence or span

Take my hand and lead
We can take turns as need
You know places I do not
Possibilities beyond my thought
I can show you new places
Help when life has no graces

Allow me to keep your company
Raise you up when feeling sullenly
I may need the same
Would you grant future claim
Take time and think it through
May I walk with you

Good Morning

I see you in faint morning light
Shadows heavy, cross in daily fight
Yet you shine right on through
Sleeping, drunk on Morpheus brew
I wonder if it is you I should wake
For morning repast’s sake
Still I roll in cottons embrace
Sneaking glimpses of moonlight’s trace
I think if it right to make noise
And bring up other ploys
For it then their fault be
Your eyes crack and me you see
Then I roll back again in silence
Looking at darkness in defiance
Light is my ally in this battle
And in time, wake you that’ll
So I yawn in patient wait
For Sol to break shut eye gate

My love

In your darkest hour
Creep thoughts dour
Why I always come to you
Despite perception I shouldn’t do
Fail at these times to see
What your love means to me
Happiness in my morning wake
Fondness of memories make
Comfort in hours on end
Love that never seems to upend
I seek a smile on your face
If not also a long embrace
Nothing else I can ask of
You are my wife and love

First Impressions

Moonlight sweeps across the floor,
The mind wonders what’s in store.
The heart gnaws in doubt
As unrelated past give a shout
Breaking dawn leads the way
Scattering thought that leads astray.
Her brown eyes and smiling face
Stand out more than the time or place.
I think of things left not said
Wondering what dwells in her own head.


If happiness was all I needed, I would be done
Conquest of a trouble, would wait on the sun
A struggle is not always a bad thing
Solving a problem does not have to sting
Yet boredom can muddle the way
When we let our focus stray

When the anxiety comes fast
I would much prefer to letting it go past.
Without a care in the world it can go by
However we look up at it with a sigh
How much better can we make it
Our mistake, we think it does not get
Of problems and situations
The real meanings and applications

Our scope we make narrow
Not seeing all the farrow
A mess is rightly perceived
And our perception deceived
Trying to untangle all from the mud
Mistaking rust for the smell of blood
Now in defense of our right
To justify what we want in our sight

Where did my hope for a smile go
It was here just a moment ago
With confusion and dearth
Can I look back at it with mirth
Seeing the silliness I have made
Or will I sow anger with what I bayed
My minds convolution is what I wrought
Simple is what I sought

Your words have worked your way to my heart,
Unlocking its inner desires,
Claiming them as your own.
You have left no room for any other.

I look in your eyes,
The world reflects back,
On fire with my desires.
Your voice is merely fuel,
To the kindling your memories provide.

My mind is awash with only with you
Driven mad with a desire,
To see another smile on your face,
And want for nothing else.

Your place is at my side,
Curled up in arms reach,
Or cuddled against my chest,
but never out of sight.