I accepted many things early on
Acknowledged temporarily things were gone
This would go on longer than told
From each who agenda sold
But then I was told I needed to change
Not anxious or scared was strange
This was not the way I dealt
For this contrary to what I felt
Yet at times I mimicked the word
Though to me it seemed absurd
The pause caused many to think and vex
Were winds changing where it directs
I watched on screen the reaction
Some rebelled without traction
Others stressed and bellowed
As time went some mellowed
Thoughts and theories still abound
While other lives ran aground
I will never know what this changed
Could have been without paths exchanged
I accepted many things in the end
With the curtain long till it descend

New Day Dawning

And a new day dawn
The lines have been redrawn
Rules have again changed
What in my life is rearranged
Some family is close by today
The rest is kept away

And a new day dawn
The lines have been redrawn
Distance crossed safely for me
Fortunate my life still be
Stress and anxiety do hide
Closely on both side

And a new day dawn
The lines have been redrawn
Stories of hardship and need
As I isolate in my greed
Time is what it all takes
More are less content with the stakes

And a new day dawn
The lines have been redrawn
Make no changes to our lives
Spoken while sharpening knives
People tire of this game
Where can we place blame

And a new day tomorrow dawn
What lines have been redrawn
Looking to the past
An end to excitements fast
The highway rut is calling
Are you ready to give up lolling
Or is that a change of mind
Something inside did you find

Searching in Isolation

Searching for a word
I cannot talk of the absurd
Looking for hope in snippets
And all I am finding are crickets
Is it my job to be upbeat and stable
Uplift those around me when able
When my foundations are weak
And feel my strength begin to squeak
I do not demand others to uphold
I lack courage to be so bold
Instead I am left shore up my own bed
Shaking the rot from my own head
Looking for the light of a new day
Listening to the gentle winds sway
I miss all that was familiar in life
The way it was cut without knife
Lends sight to holes we filled
With everything that was billed
Patch them now with new growth
Fill them not with new loath