We set off each day to make our mark
Unaware all the while that which we spark
A waived fist can rile up a mess
A passing smile to a counter stress
Neither noticed in our passing moment
Hours for others something simple is potent
Things done expecting grand result
Never seeing chance missed and fault
It is not the instance failed to see
Nor in a moment failed to be
Looking through webs of action
Analysis gives no credit to faction
So a day starts fresh again
Giving no thought to what has been

Path of words

I left a path of words
Thoughts, ideas, mantras,
Not knowing you would follow.

A map to where I dwell
Useless for one to sell
Each sentence another stone
A winding road being grown
Simply leading you to me
My goal to intrigue thee
But sometimes in cypher
Other times muddier
Not to make you tired
My intentions not misjudged
We are petty
And interest slippery

I saw my vision shallow
Letting me see a world hallow
It was not mine to own
Ours to share with renown
Remodel, add on, and maintain
You I could not detain
To add your own refrain
And widen this word lane.

Contemplation of a November day

Should I go that path
We ponder such question
Will it bring wrath
A new progression
The roads we can walk
Interweave with one another
We can talk our way to where we sulk
Or find strength in each other

Do we contemplate the danger
Not the inconvenience
Of those who are stranger
Not just today, but ever since
In taking for my serenity
What price will time pay
Who will lose tranquility
Bearing the cost in coming day

Do I head to contentment
When for now I could have glee
Stocking up in resentment
Exchanged for currency
In elevating others
What is it I forgo
Chasing druthers
I may see my burden show

Yet if I focus
Looking beyond today
I look past the mass hocus
Keeping fears at bay
There is a route
I would like to find
And if I could go about
It would bring peace of mind


You set watch and he never comes
Grace and blessing is requested and given by others
He never says the words
Out of reach, conception, description
Faith is the main requirement
But why should that be
Belief in what you tell me has been
I have not seen and neither have you
Attribution given to him when he is not present
But blame is only yours
A one sided relation with no room
He is right, but he doesn’t instruct
Follow the simplest rules
And life is not simple
I am free to choose
How do you know my path
When I am lost