Little Cat – Story 2

A slight movement in the air caught her attention. Was it a leaf, a feather, perhaps a bird? She rolled on to her side and balled in to a stalking hunch. Whatever it was she was going to catch it. Keeping herself flat, welded to the ground, she slowly inched forward. It had not seen her yet as it continued its ride of currents. The object spiraled down closer to the ground before being listed on another flow.

She watched for a good ten minutes as the bird darted around in the air, never to land more than a second. Its wings flapped faster than anything she had ever seen. The body of the bird was smaller than anything she had eaten before. The taste was what she could not decide on and what drove her to continue her stalking. It may have a sweet taste or it may be more feathers than flesh but that did not matter anymore. Now it was a question of patience.

She watched the bird make its way to the flowers of a plant. It was not the nip, but another flower that she had decided was nice tasting and fragrant. It had once seemed to settle her stomach when it was sour but other than that she knew nothing about it. She charged her legs ready to leap this time. The bird was at a lower flower and easily in her grasp. She started her leap certain to have a new meal. but she watched the bird move with such speed it was gone by the time she landed.

The little cat played it off as she had just been exercising, indifferent to the bird who was now well aware of her. She didn’t even give a second look as it flew a little lower to enquire who she was. It did not matter anymore. It was time to prowl. So she left the field in search of entertainment.