Arleth II

In dirt, drawn a repetitious circle wide
Around hill past glen, where it subside
“It is there”, with stick point
Says Crevan, leader they’d anoint
Vargus beams and grins teeth yellow
Hoping to be rich soon with his fellows
Anita declines to be optimistic
Spins dust devils in language cryptic
Yvette cracks whip drawing attention
To road ahead and break of tension
Melrakki cleared the quintet’s tracks
Tidy up when attaching horses’ packs

Five united, off they ride to distant lair
Each with own reason and care
Fame and treasure each to claim
From Arleth’s hoard after he maim
Crevan the dwarf serious and wise
Anita the enchantress full of surprise
Vargus the mercenary looking to scheme
Yvette the archer formed the team
Melrakki the elder, found on the way
Innocent in looks, scouts ahead each day

They set out at each dawn’s light
To escape viscount’s curious sight
To the east, treading miles a day
Past lands of rule where judgement lay
Anita dissuades bandits’ wrath
While Crevan plots the quickest path
Melrakki, takes care of each repast
Yvette and Vargus guard the nest
For a fortnight they keep this pace
No knowing others are in the race

Inn of the Glen is where competition met
Around table as they talked of traps set
Curious bard sung and Inn’s patrons regaled
When Crevan’s wit he assailed
Entertainer’s flawed slaying story
Of southern giant’s reigning gory
For Crevan’s brother who fought
And giant’s downfall he brought
Bard said he mistaken with ale
Then slipped, and let Arleth plan sail
For bard was with band of brigand
And dragon’s demise quickened

The quintet said nary a plan word
Certain that such mention absurd
Of plans to release lands from dragon’s hold
And to claim her precious gold
When bard asked of travels
Vargus replied “We mercenary rabble
Our fate is where gold can avail
To a new source we sail.
Orchette company, out east elite
The risk is high, and pay is sweet”

Bard looked out window to moon lit sky
In thought till content in reply
Offered advice less to entreat
“Avoid the east and defeat
Go South to Viscount manor
Join under illustrious banner
Pay is decent under shire reeve
Help put an end to bandit and thieve”

Neither advice to give or take
Crevan thanked bard for effort make
In early quiet of morrow before dawn
Quintet snuck out and journeyed on
Haste was not their only tool
Boastful bard and brigand all soon be fool
Yvette made quiet quick work
Releasing stabled horses into the murk
Anita made weather cover trace
As quintet in darkness off did race

To Arleth they went to tempt fate
It a life ahead where all things were great
In distant sky broodlings fly
Melrakki says leave them to I
“This is where we shall split way
Please, set aside my share of pay
My actions will attract them North
Once they no longer circle, journey forth”

Melrakki, dug through his kit
Reached in and came out with it
A staff or branch topped with rag
Off on horse and raised like flag
Over next hill it burst in flame green
The dragon spawn had surely seen
Chase they started as Melrakki left sight
Onward went the four to Arleth fight

In day that followed landscape faded
Singed grass gave way to rocks graded
A few trees and grass remained
Marking fool’s error, bloodstained
Scavengers tested quartet’s might
Quick to scurry at their will to fight

On moon setting Crevan lead the way
Hillside cave of lair where Arleth lay
Ground shook under goliath beast
Sniffing morsels four on which to feast
Anita let fly from hand
Lightning bolt to protect the band
Arleth in defense folded wing
Deflecting bolt without a sting
Then cocked headed Arleth
Let out counter flame breath

Yvette dodged Arleth snort
And let fly arrow retort
Vargus ran under heated air
Charging with pike flair
Crevan in pool behind rock shield
Biding time before flame yield
Anita basked in flames heat
Smiling untouched after its retreat

Arleth screeched in anger
Stunning the quartet in her hanger
She lunged forward to take flight
Crevan took in the wonderous sight
In her each her back claws
A chest and an egg each he saw
The other three still with ears ringing
Were nicked with the rock wind flinging
And like that Arleth had fled
Leaving no one dead
Into her lair they went to plunder
Her treasures theirs to asunder
Melrakki returned in the dark
Bringing to the four a spark
Driving horses and cart
To load quickly then depart
“Be quick with your hand
Soon will arrive Bard and Brigand.
They hunger for a fight
And I am spent like daylight”

Crevan and Anita smiled
As Vargus and Yvette toiled
With last bits of coin and gold
Not worried what the dark hold
Soon Melrakki moved the cart
Anita now to do her last part
After slow chants and motion
Gold now looked like wares and potion
Melrakki headed south with whiskey in cup
Anita headed east covering trail up
Vargus and Crevan went west
Yvette went north for a rest

In two week time, at Harcourt fair
The public house of Smithy Bear
Vargus and Melrakki reclined ale
Talking with Anita about past tale
Yvette asleep, tired of waiting for word
From Crevan out talking with steward
The Spira Keep was up for taking
King exchanging gold for war making
A risky negotiation for Crevan to make
But this time no flame bath to take.

Reaper Passing

Twirl, whirl, and spin
Days that may have been
Wasted away in boredom and mirth
The day we wish for one more on earth
What of our thoughts will chime in
What regrets will make a hollow din
Will you sit and stew on chance lost
Ruing in tabulation of the cost
Memories drift of loves hand
Fading motivations of visited land
It will all fade one uneventful day
So enjoy now while you have some say


I write the words you did not request
Grip that which you fear
Place it in the cage self-built
Live today and plan the future
Breath, it will be okay
All motivation without meaning
The way to move forward
Less panic, more planning
Accept reality when it crashes in
But do not let perception bind you
If a single line were enough
Silence would reign

May I Walk With You

May I walk with you
In time things will ensue
But in this now let us share
A moment without a care
Let us stroll as far as we can
No thought of consequence or span

Take my hand and lead
We can take turns as need
You know places I do not
Possibilities beyond my thought
I can show you new places
Help when life has no graces

Allow me to keep your company
Raise you up when feeling sullenly
I may need the same
Would you grant future claim
Take time and think it through
May I walk with you


Mockingbird sing me your song
Listening to the wind sing along
The trees’ leaves sing as they sway
Their song is the same every day
Mockingbird you change your voice
With each song expressed with choice

Mockingbird sing me your song
Of where you have been, in voice strong
Tell me of dawn horizon sight
Lyrics of great lune lit flight
Ballads’ of hunters spurned
And tales of lessons learned

Mockingbird end here your sing
Ready for flight, spreading wing
Go forth and spread your cheer
Bounding from rooftop far and near
Other birds may chirp a tune
But mockingbird come back soon


I accepted many things early on
Acknowledged temporarily things were gone
This would go on longer than told
From each who agenda sold
But then I was told I needed to change
Not anxious or scared was strange
This was not the way I dealt
For this contrary to what I felt
Yet at times I mimicked the word
Though to me it seemed absurd
The pause caused many to think and vex
Were winds changing where it directs
I watched on screen the reaction
Some rebelled without traction
Others stressed and bellowed
As time went some mellowed
Thoughts and theories still abound
While other lives ran aground
I will never know what this changed
Could have been without paths exchanged
I accepted many things in the end
With the curtain long till it descend


I spend time setting up life for stability
While it is a forever changing probability
Each morning comfort is my routine
Like a thief mocking and obscene
I find plans now disheveled
And ambitions to so leveled
Yet never will this all last
Learn my lessons from past
Though not the end it is an end
My choices are to break or bend
Learn to go forward a new way
Or else in wreckage here I can stay
Blindness to the evolution of life
Forever stuck reliving in strife

New Day Dawning

And a new day dawn
The lines have been redrawn
Rules have again changed
What in my life is rearranged
Some family is close by today
The rest is kept away

And a new day dawn
The lines have been redrawn
Distance crossed safely for me
Fortunate my life still be
Stress and anxiety do hide
Closely on both side

And a new day dawn
The lines have been redrawn
Stories of hardship and need
As I isolate in my greed
Time is what it all takes
More are less content with the stakes

And a new day dawn
The lines have been redrawn
Make no changes to our lives
Spoken while sharpening knives
People tire of this game
Where can we place blame

And a new day tomorrow dawn
What lines have been redrawn
Looking to the past
An end to excitements fast
The highway rut is calling
Are you ready to give up lolling
Or is that a change of mind
Something inside did you find

Searching in Isolation

Searching for a word
I cannot talk of the absurd
Looking for hope in snippets
And all I am finding are crickets
Is it my job to be upbeat and stable
Uplift those around me when able
When my foundations are weak
And feel my strength begin to squeak
I do not demand others to uphold
I lack courage to be so bold
Instead I am left shore up my own bed
Shaking the rot from my own head
Looking for the light of a new day
Listening to the gentle winds sway
I miss all that was familiar in life
The way it was cut without knife
Lends sight to holes we filled
With everything that was billed
Patch them now with new growth
Fill them not with new loath


I find myself chair bound
No ailment keeps me put
Work keeps me from moving foot
My cats in place of hound
At my side they ask of me
Is this too life as we see
I have a thousand questions in mind
A database of answers with no find
Slow the Surreal takes hold
Our future we are trying to mold
Watching events play out in fork tines
Nothing has happened as we lay lines
Still panic and stress find home
As we are not left to roam
If it all fell apart today
How would we find the way
To truth when it is obscured
Leadership’s definition is blurred
Where am I supposed to turn
My life and home have not burn
Will my strength last through
Where the end gives up no clue
There is only steady advice in antics
Repeated in fiction and fact “Do not Panic”