Little Cat 5

In the early autumn air, the little cat chased an elm leaf. She liked the crunch it made in her paws each time she clapped it. Light peaked through where her claws had poked a few holes. Soon the browning saw toothed oval would meet its fate of destruction, but until then it was her toy. The leaf’s fate was of little consequence to little cat as she could just as easily climb a tree and fetch another, if she was so inclined.

A gust of wind took the leaf into the air, and little cat jumped and pounced it back down to the ground. Unfortunately the leaf was now caught on a claw and would not free itself. Little cat tried dragging her foot on the ground to rid her self of the assailant. The disrespectful leaf did nothing of the sort and stayed attached to her paw, even as she tried walking off in indifference. Slowly getting grumpier with the leaf and its defiance, little cat decided to roll on to her back and employ all four paws in the effort to free her poor claw. Little cat meowed in success as the leaf flew up into the air.

A young white and black cat, had been watching the ordeal from under a bush. Seeing the leaf float in the air, he decided now was the time to surprise this worthy foe. He sprang from his hiding spot, paws out stretched to capture the target. And successfully missed it while landing square on little cat’s belly.

Little cat was not happy, she let out a long, low murr.

White and black cat, froze for only a moment before rolling off of her and proceeded to lick his front paw.

His disregard of her annoyance further irked little cat. She voiced her opinion again, this time with raised paw at him.

He used his front paw to clean his head while she continued her show. As far as he was concerned, she should have not been where he was jumping.

Little cat hissed her displeasure and inched closer before taking a light bat at the white and black cat.

He stopped his cleaning and debated whether to respond in kind or retreat. After all it was an unprovoked attack while cleaning in his mind. But soon he saw her paw going back up and he decided to tarry no further. A respectable cat like himself, would not be drawn into a brawl with some common street queen.

Little cat was pleased with herself. She had sent a good message to the white and black offender. Now she was left to ponder where her leaf had gotten off to.


Little Cat 4

The little cat liked the second floor of the old house best. Right in through the broken wall and back about a foot where she had dragged a few bits of cloth to keep her warm. The cloth had been found left various places in town, unattended by the humans and deemed free for the taking. The roof was just high enough above her to let the air flow, but not too high as to let something else sneak and scurry about above.

Right now she looked out from the heap on the murky day as the rain continued for the third straight hour. It was one of the few occasions she wished some other cat would come by and draw her attention from the steady drum. The little cat had a few object to pass her time and a cache of food to take care of her . She gazed over at a string hanging on the wall where she had left it. A short bit of it danced in the draft catching her attention making her miss a small cricket .

The Cricket had the unfortunate luck of being stuck in the space with the cat. Now he had been their first and if one was going to argue, he had just as much right to demand her departure. Yet, he had not made a noise for fear she would end up her toy. The recent turn of events distracting his would be captor, provided his salvation or at least let him face improved odds located outside these closed quarters. He hopped out and scaled the side of the building, upward to hang out under one of the stronger eaves of the house.

The little cat reached out halfheartedly at the string, batting in its general direction. Her eyes showing an expectation that the it would bend to her will and continue in its dance. At this moment the wind changed directions whisking errant drops on to her back paws and giving the little cat a start. She rolled to a defensive posture ready to take on her assailant. Ears perked up waiting to locate the ghost when it made its next move. Here eyes widened as she took shifted glances around to see who may have scurried in without a noise.

It seemed like forever to her before she realized it was but the wind that had assailed her. One of very few foes that could always win the fight. She then rolled herself over to put the clothes between her and the opening. She let her eyes sink shut and a small purr emanate. The little cat was now back to her nirvana of heightened sound awareness.

Little Cat 3

The wind-chime on the porch always entertained the queen. She could sit for hours watching as it danced. Once she had found a way to the roof and was able to lean over and bat at the chimes. It had confounded the residents of the house till they caught her paw reaching down. Little cat was escorted off the roof and tossed along her way. The humans had figured out how she got up there and made it so she could not climb and play with the chime again.

Yet it still amused her, and she returned often to listen. The melody the wind carried today was high pitched today and she wished she could help some of the heavier chimes move to offset the notes played. In her mind she pictured how it would sound, orchestrated to tell her story of a successful hunt. She purred at the thought of her memories set to a soundtrack.

The little cat let her musical aspirations go as she turned back to lying in the grass and letting the sun warm her belly. After a bit, her eyes caught a large bird in the sky and her thoughts drifted to whether it was one she could catch or if it would catch her. Birds high in the air are deceiving at times and if she judged wrong it could lead to problems. Not that she had ever made such a miscalculation.

It was time to move on and so she sprang up to her paws, startling a nearby squirrel which bolted up a tree. She masked her reaction with indifference and strutted down the street as if she had intended to scare it the whole time.

Little Cat – Story 2

A slight movement in the air caught her attention. Was it a leaf, a feather, perhaps a bird? She rolled on to her side and balled in to a stalking hunch. Whatever it was she was going to catch it. Keeping herself flat, welded to the ground, she slowly inched forward. It had not seen her yet as it continued its ride of currents. The object spiraled down closer to the ground before being listed on another flow.

She watched for a good ten minutes as the bird darted around in the air, never to land more than a second. Its wings flapped faster than anything she had ever seen. The body of the bird was smaller than anything she had eaten before. The taste was what she could not decide on and what drove her to continue her stalking. It may have a sweet taste or it may be more feathers than flesh but that did not matter anymore. Now it was a question of patience.

She watched the bird make its way to the flowers of a plant. It was not the nip, but another flower that she had decided was nice tasting and fragrant. It had once seemed to settle her stomach when it was sour but other than that she knew nothing about it. She charged her legs ready to leap this time. The bird was at a lower flower and easily in her grasp. She started her leap certain to have a new meal. but she watched the bird move with such speed it was gone by the time she landed.

The little cat played it off as she had just been exercising, indifferent to the bird who was now well aware of her. She didn’t even give a second look as it flew a little lower to enquire who she was. It did not matter anymore. It was time to prowl. So she left the field in search of entertainment.

Little Cat – Story

The sun beat down on a little cat.  She was sitting at the corner waiting for her favorite person to come by.  He was there everyday rain or shine with a small treat from his lunch.  Some days it was a scrap of fish, other days a chicken or if she was really lucky he brought her ham.  She would do her normal dance of turns and nuzzles responding in kind to his hand gliding over her skin.  After a few moments, she would meow and in turn he would surrender her reward.
It was not that she was incapable of finding her own sustenance, far from it, but the interaction was also a safe place to relax.  It was like the safety zone in a child’s game, a brief respite from the dangers of everywhere else.  He had tried to take her home once, but she would have none of that.  She had talked to several house cats before and each boasted of the pleasure of a day lying uneventfully in the sun.   But this kitty knew that life was not for her.
For her, this kitten needed excitement.  The thrill of chasing a rat for a city block, matching wits on who knew their turf better.  Little did the rodents know that with each loss, she learned a new trick.  Where to evade predators one week or another place to hide form the rain the next.
Lost in her daydreams of an excellent chase she almost missed the man.  He was looking for her and she sauntered over to him, from behind a bush to the sidewalk.  She started her nuzzles against his leg.  He made noises too, she assumed it was whatever the humans made as a sign of affection and submission to her loyalty.  After a few moments he reached down, this day with some turkey.  She grabbed it form his hand as always and took it over to the bushed to nibble.
She looked up at him between nibbles and tears at the meat.  He was smiling, watching the completion of their daily ritual.  He turned to walk off as he normally did to wherever it is that humans go.  And she trotted happily off to her own agenda of the day.  The gray cat had told her where there was a cat nip bush growing and today she was determined to see if that was truly the case.
She pulled up close to the buildings, her dark coat helping her hide from casual observers.  To get to the lot where this plant grew she would have to cross several other cats‘ territories and evade a few dogs along the way.   The cats were easy as for the most part she wanted nothing to do with them and often the feeling was mutual.  The dogs were the hard ones to avoid. They shared their territory and would chase in packs.  Sometimes they had their humans with them too.  The humans were even less predictable.
For example there was her favorite one that fed her.  There were others that would offer up food too.   However there were the wee ones that would chase for no reason, with boundless energy it could go on forever.  Then there were the ones that just plain did not like cats.  Those were the ones that she feared most.  They could be mean and lock her up or worse.
But no matter, this was a warm and sunny day and she was off to find something and maybe even toy with a mouse or lizard along the way.  The melted into the shadows of an alley and in stealth mode made her way to her destination, a grassy lot with a choice plant to have.
She arrived in the lot through a hole in the fence.  It had been a communal garden at one point, there were several plots of land each with their own crops.  In one there were peppers and another had beans growing.  Some of the plants looked like they were all flowers an no leaves at times.  Flowers were good because they brought the insects which brought the small lizards to snack on.  There was a small shed which provided shelter in the winter from the cold and rain in the spring.  In the summer the place was littered with areas to hide from the sun and the tattered fence provided shelter from the windy days of autumn.
She was uncertain as to whom the nice one had been that brought something as wonderful as nip here.  She also knew that she was not the only cat who would come to this place.  They had all come to the conclusion fights were not allowed here otherwise you would lose your privileges of the refuge. The garden belonged to no one and though you may spend a night, it was scarce on sustainable food.
She found the plant she had been questing for and gave it a nuzzle, and released a long purr.  She imagined it is what it must be like at the places the humans gathered and tasted their fowl smelling drinks.  Or maybe it was something similar to when they dined for hours through the brown concoctions they wasted perfectly good milk on.  Either way it set her at ease and made her indifferent to the world.

Little Cat and the Moon

You sing to the moon

Calling out names that no one knows

A prayer for those that no one hears

Do you feel the dark coming soon

The moon does not care if you sing of woes

Yours is a song full of hope and tears

You know nothing but joy

Yet yearn for the comfort of others

The moon is bright today

But you are not its toy

You are left your druthers

Singing a song that chases dark away