The top of the walls of Korack can be seen reflecting light off of their silver tiled roof from over 20 miles away. Odds are it is from the inner set of walls as the outer set have but only one or two such tiled spires. The inner walls date back some five centuries where as the outer walls have only come into existence a mere millennium or so ago.
The people of Korack do not take kindly to those outside the city. Trading houses had to spend generations to establish a reputation with those inside the inner walls. Even then it took another couple of decades to convince the natives that markets outside the city walls would not interfere with the reclusive nature. Those native to the city still do not trust the merchants that deal outside the boundaries of the two walls. All this given there is still much hesitation in any business that may take place between the two groups.
The shops depend mostly on travelers that do not even enter the city to fund their existence. This predicament of a setup has caused all but two shops to close over the past five years. These two stores and a humble inn are what most travelers refer to as Korack as few get beyond the gates to the city. Inside the walls are seen by few and often those that do are not ever seen leaving…at least though the main gate.
A bit of time could be spent debating what lies inside the city. More time could be spent by the few who may ask why the city of Korack has never been seen expanding in any way despite the fact on average the radius of the city grows by ten feet a year. Yet most people do not bother to think on this. And in actuality no person outside the walls of Korack has contemplated this beyond the first thought. For whenever such a debate is sparked, those involved find themselves on tangents five times removed and feel more desire to talk about those topics, while completely forgetting about that magical city of Korack.