There was no start to the plan
The focus of mind for span
Leaving homeland of fallen clan

Comrades had long since fallen
In days past full of sullen
Left behind in memory’s talon

Golden brown hair ran down the face
Obscuring joy and sorrow trace
Neck guarded with ruffles of lace

At hip rest silver sword in scabbard
Worn leather under stained tabard
Pants once blue now purple tattered

Steps in cold with glove covered paw
Follows partner with cracked jaw
Tied across back last family shawl

Accosted by winter’s coming howl
Both cannot help but return wind’s scowl
From cloud above burst waterfowl

Desire for a bow enters past the hair
While grounded paw wishes for air
Though neither an attack dare

Hungers nagging pang
Once again shows its fang
While stomachs’ request sang

On horizon smoke from chimney in flight
Next the walled shelter comes into sight
Then shining with occupant light

At gate the two are quizzically met
Having come badlands onset
Untrustworthy is veteran guard bet

Uncommon language barriers form
Not without compassion for pending storm
Outer barn they may rest from coming snow swarm

In hay loft of airy palace
Hair and paw finally find solace
With friendly merchant non-callous

Trio share a pot of soup and bone
Then warm bed with cooking stone
In exchange agree to travel to city of throne

Plans paws keeps close to heart
Hair knows not to turn down cart
Merchant indifferent to his part

There was no end to the plan
The hope of mind for span
Looking for the last of clan

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