Chapter 42

They were able to make their way into the temple through the back door.  It was in an entrance located under the city hall.  Rowenn explained that the door would move as Varelle saw fit.  Oren and Martell were now welcome guests of Varelle in return for the service they had provided.  Oren would be allowed the privilege to view the history around the fall of Drémore but neither events further back nor more current.

It was here that Oren found answers to Tabia’s outbursts and rage.  It was in this text he learned many things of Casapan and why he needed to be stopped.

In his eluding the priesthood, we now see that Iseb was right in their revolt against the Drémores.  They had fallen sway to this Casapan and his deceptions.  His subterfuge in Aleto was discovered too late as he had visited this city most, allowing him to proceed in his experimentation.  There, he had already added wards to the obelisk preventing the mere mention of the gods’ names.  If he had gone undetected longer he would have copied these trials in the south.  This would have created a situation like Avo, where priests of Latl and Dahl and those in their respective orders feel pain when they enter the boundary of the city’s wards.  At this time, he offers power to any he thinks he can sway.  The enchanters have agreed with us to erect no further obelisks until a method preventing or reversing such enchantments can be devised. 

Casapan is already suspect of teaching techniques to the Drémores’ children.  Our assumption is, he has their loyalty and could still assert control over them in some way they do not recognize.  It is unfortunate that he already slayed one of our order before she even suspected his deceptions.  The other priests will be convening with us to have a discussion on how best to rein him in.  There is word that the late priestess may have aided the Drémores in sealing up the stronghold of Erridda.  Whether she did so willingly or not we may never know.

We had cornered them at Wind Gait with the last of the Drémores and their loyal forces.  After a several day siege, they finally surrendered.  I am suspect of the body they provided of the dead Casapan, but with no one else around of a fitting description, we will take their word as to his death.  The King has accepted his fate of execution as he has lost everyone in his family in this fight.  Punishment for his loyal retainers will depend on judgments from the court held by the heads of the orders.

This was about all he could determine from what Rowenn provided.  Oren was certain that there were other records and more detailed accounts of the battles or tribunal judgments.  However, she was not at liberty to provide them and he was willing to accept this.   The average person would not have been treated to this much information. 

While Oren had read from the records provided to him, Martell had been off elsewhere with Rowenn.  Rowenn had pulled out some artifact from the cavernous vaults and it was proceeding to aid the healing of Martell’s wrist.  Oren watched as Rowenn continued to chant a prayer while bathing Martell’s wrist in water from a bowl.  With each pour of water, the intensity of bruising and swelling went down. 

After she finished, Rowenn spoke, “Your wrist is not fully healed.  You need to continue to wrap it up and take it easy.  This sped it up but it will not cure everything.  You should refrain from fighting for a while, if you can. ” 

“I will see to that,” Oren smiled at Martell. “She will be headed back to Aleto with me for some deserved rest.”

“Good, I do not want you here when Tabia returns.  She will try and recruit you to help clean house at the Order.  Varelle says for you to not be involved.”

“It will be nice to see it returned to a proper, respectable organization,” said Martell.

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