A moment

The day breaks before me
Blank pages to fill with melody
Yet I sit in quiet solace
Of yesterday’s that befall us

Something of great umbrage
Weighs in on my knowledge
Of action not taken for change
To venture outside is not so strange

And here I sit another day
Toiling in time for my pay
While news makes one weep
For loss of what can not keep

There is still time to save
What is not lost in our wave
Overwhelming it may be
Beyond this murk I must see

Though clouds may abound in view
No longer each morn can I stew
Yet what path should I follow
So many lead to world hollow

Do I follow will-o’-wisp light
Or someone else to their plight
I find no one to lead the way
And still here I cannot stay

I stand here on the cusp of sun
Should to it I now run
Yet it not my beacon guide
And again I must soon decide

Is it on I go another round
Planted firmly to the ground
Careful in my choices made
As another hour has decayed

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