Crimson sun rose summer morning
As triplets woke to vision warming
Looking down on valley low
Verdant passage past would go
The first with short auburn hair
her soft skin fair
Second with chestnut curls
They traced her thoughts in swirls
The third hair raven black
Braided long down his back

Not certain down that path to seek
Done with searched mountain peak
The first with thoughts noble true
Sought to help the sickened through
Second hoped for power grand
To raise those with reached out hand
The third feared deception and strife
Hoping to free land where rife

Radiance they set to spread
With nary a thought of dread
As day and hour passed
They were set all aghast
For what was green above
Was suffering under iron glove
Rusted lands in its grip
Bent on control not slip

Triplets arrived here too late
The land content to suffer fate
The first gave aid to all she met
They thanked but ways were set
Second plotted and planned
They thanked but thought it bland
The third rallied and riled
They thanked and strife stay wild

Disheartened the made toward home
Back up hill past fields loam
At valley edge road stood a band
They pleaded triplets make one more stand
Plan was made for morning light
Try again to make a fight
For those downtrodden to wake anew
See the world with different view.

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