I was relaxed in gilded paradise
Not giving thought ever twice
I sat in enjoying radiant gold
And other pleasing colors bold
All desire was within my reach
All my mind to do was beseech

One morning as I went to stand
It struck me to flee this land
For the gilding was nothing deep
And things past paradise seep
I heard woeful distant song
As I made sole way against throng
I meandered to land’s end quick
Listening to lyrical calls thick

Pausing more than once to ponder
Goal of songs from yonder
Were they to trick me from my ease
Or someone begging at the knees.
Further along seeking them out
Lack of others on this path made doubt
Yet now I stand at guarded gate
Leave paradise and seal my fate
Go forth into the unknown

With my restlessness now grown
I ask those the safe keepers for thought
And told leave I should naught
Yet torn to be different I feel
Where should I proceed with my zeal
Safe back to my room and rote
Or pull tight my overcoat