It was on that day that the ground broke open. The weather was fair, the sun was high in the sky and the breeze just right. It was on that day the first one pushed through the dirt and surveyed the lands. She spotted movement and scrambled forth for a meal. It was on that day when the guards could do nothing to keep the beasts at bay. When those of means fled from their estates to within the city.

It was on that day the caravans started to leave, with no plans of return. It was when the gates of the city shut, and those left outside were stuck. It was on that day the scared lost their life in panic and in flight. It was when the strong and brave were cut down quick and were not spared. It was the day the Ardent Order stood strong and regained respect as they organized the lost.

It was on that day the fear of the clouderven were restored. They showed their claws, letting their vengeance be felt.
They claimed miles more of land then they knew what to do with. That was the day they fed on the domesticated, beasts sating a hunger from centuries past. A long sleeping dominance was revealed to the world, and it was pain.

It was on that day a quest for knowledge began in books long forgot. That day new victims of circumstance were made, while others saw their power leave for different lands. Fear and determination spiked that day while empathy and concern fought back.

It was on that day the winds of change quieted down while the moon settled in. From high in Jit tower the watch sat amazed at the glow of the moon reflected on the scales of a hundred clouderven that now circled their city.


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