Deep in the mountains outside Saj-graf, he stirred. He stretched out his front leg extending his claws and looking around at his surroundings as he did so. There were two of his brothers laying going through a similar stretches, waking from their long slumber. He shifted his position to stretch his other front leg and further see his company. There was another two of his brothers, looking as surprised as he that they would finally be free to move, no longer frozen in time. Moving to his third leg he contracted it in, close to his body, and finished his count seeing his two sisters.

The seven clouderven started to trill at the same time, happy to be free of their magical bonds. The den had been spared the slaughter that had come before the suspension, but no one had an idea of how long they had been here. He finally got up and went to the drinking pool. The sulfuric water refreshed him and he could see it and slowly replenished the shine to his siblings’ manes as they took their turn at the refreshment.. There was some hissing as they worked out the order, seniority had no privilege among them.. The hissing turned to play fighting as the stiffness left their bodies. They could here further down the tunnels as other clutches were awaking, more than likely going through similar rituals.

Those in Saj-graf would have run in fear at the sight of just one of the seven, but down here their awakening had gone unnoticed. The clouderven would soon announce themselves to their neighbors. They would live off the easy kill of the livestock, once the pangs of hunger were acknowledged. It would be a while till someone realized what had been sleeping all these years. Whether anyone would recall how to kill a clouderven remained a mystery.

He knew as well as the rest of them that it was time for revenge for a forced slumber. Revenge for the slaughter of their kin. He led the rest of clouderven slowly up the tunnels, closer to the exit of their den in the Horace Atoll. They would have to burrow out as they had sealed themselves down here to hide. By the time the burrowing to freedom would be done, there would be no brake. Resting time for the fight to come was over.


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