Little Cat 3

The wind-chime on the porch always entertained the queen. She could sit for hours watching as it danced. Once she had found a way to the roof and was able to lean over and bat at the chimes. It had confounded the residents of the house till they caught her paw reaching down. Little cat was escorted off the roof and tossed along her way. The humans had figured out how she got up there and made it so she could not climb and play with the chime again.

Yet it still amused her, and she returned often to listen. The melody the wind carried today was high pitched today and she wished she could help some of the heavier chimes move to offset the notes played. In her mind she pictured how it would sound, orchestrated to tell her story of a successful hunt. She purred at the thought of her memories set to a soundtrack.

The little cat let her musical aspirations go as she turned back to lying in the grass and letting the sun warm her belly. After a bit, her eyes caught a large bird in the sky and her thoughts drifted to whether it was one she could catch or if it would catch her. Birds high in the air are deceiving at times and if she judged wrong it could lead to problems. Not that she had ever made such a miscalculation.

It was time to move on and so she sprang up to her paws, startling a nearby squirrel which bolted up a tree. She masked her reaction with indifference and strutted down the street as if she had intended to scare it the whole time.


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