“I am Deylin Greystone,” The tall man spoke extending his hand to Einden.  “I have the unfortunate news that I will be working with my apprentice here, Fen, to erect a stone watch tower beside your Tavern.  His lordship said “knock it over” if you have to or pay him to go away.  But I have good news that after a brief survey I find it best for The Grousing Porcine to stay put.  Now I can tell you my workers will be in love with the location, but I need word from you that you will cut them off or water down their drinks enough so I can be done in time with construction.”

Eiden stood there still stunned that he had come close to losing his beloved establishment.  He was uncertain on if he should be happy or furious in response.  He was being spared the loss of a livelihood, yet would now have to contend with a tower being erected next to him.  he finally managed a few words, “How tall is your structure?”

“Three stories and then there is the stables on the side.  Looks lovely in this sketch,” Deylin said handing over some drawings. “Shame it won’t ever look this nice forever.  They say it will house ten guards and room for another ten if the necessity arises.”

Eiden looked down at the smooth lines showing a very orderly structure, nicely kept.  He didn’t need Deylin to tell him it wouldn’t be long till the stables would be unkept by the under manned tower. “Naturally,” Eiden answered back.  “How long till they get someone to fix the monolith and put the scare behind us?”

“Does anyone even know how to make a new one anymore?”  Fen squeaked under the burden of Deylin’s belongs.  He had been tasked to unpack the wagon and setup tents.  He had decided the closer proximity to the tavern, the quicker he could sneak off for a pint.

“Yes,” Replied Greystone. “The enchanters would not have let that knowledge fade with the ages.  Far too valuable.  Now be quick about setting up I need to go pace off some land and drive in a few stakes.”  he paused for a moment in thought and turned back to Einden, “Sorry my good sir, but I never caught your name.  Pardon my terrible manners.  The other crews will be by tomorrow.  I hope you have ample stores of food.”

“Tis’ Eiden.  Though not keen on you and your men trampling about, I suppose it is what must be done.  Crevan said you would be by to change things up.  But he was wrong when you said you would take everything from me.  The old codger may know a thing or two, but he needs to read the stars better if he things I am losing the Grousing Porcine.”


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