Little Cat 4

The little cat liked the second floor of the old house best. Right in through the broken wall and back about a foot where she had dragged a few bits of cloth to keep her warm. The cloth had been found left various places in town, unattended by the humans and deemed free for the taking. The roof was just high enough above her to let the air flow, but not too high as to let something else sneak and scurry about above.

Right now she looked out from the heap on the murky day as the rain continued for the third straight hour. It was one of the few occasions she wished some other cat would come by and draw her attention from the steady drum. The little cat had a few object to pass her time and a cache of food to take care of her . She gazed over at a string hanging on the wall where she had left it. A short bit of it danced in the draft catching her attention making her miss a small cricket .

The Cricket had the unfortunate luck of being stuck in the space with the cat. Now he had been their first and if one was going to argue, he had just as much right to demand her departure. Yet, he had not made a noise for fear she would end up her toy. The recent turn of events distracting his would be captor, provided his salvation or at least let him face improved odds located outside these closed quarters. He hopped out and scaled the side of the building, upward to hang out under one of the stronger eaves of the house.

The little cat reached out halfheartedly at the string, batting in its general direction. Her eyes showing an expectation that the it would bend to her will and continue in its dance. At this moment the wind changed directions whisking errant drops on to her back paws and giving the little cat a start. She rolled to a defensive posture ready to take on her assailant. Ears perked up waiting to locate the ghost when it made its next move. Here eyes widened as she took shifted glances around to see who may have scurried in without a noise.

It seemed like forever to her before she realized it was but the wind that had assailed her. One of very few foes that could always win the fight. She then rolled herself over to put the clothes between her and the opening. She let her eyes sink shut and a small purr emanate. The little cat was now back to her nirvana of heightened sound awareness.



Oh little one
The things I tell you to run
My thoughts and Dreams
Make them your schemes
Trivial wisdom without application
It is all my lost satiation
You need your own
Alas it only is when you are grown

I will watch and guide
Your whims I will abide
Your hunt for grace
I shall not erase
I give you courage and hope
And then narrow your scope

Push my boundaries when you tread
I made them long ago in my head
With rust and age
I maintain them like a phage
They are my limits
But may not for you be off limits

Find light where I have snuffed it out
Seek for yourself what you are about
One day you may see my way
And think it like a sheltering bay
Yet I tell you tarry not
For you have a long way to trot

Little Cat 3

The wind-chime on the porch always entertained the queen. She could sit for hours watching as it danced. Once she had found a way to the roof and was able to lean over and bat at the chimes. It had confounded the residents of the house till they caught her paw reaching down. Little cat was escorted off the roof and tossed along her way. The humans had figured out how she got up there and made it so she could not climb and play with the chime again.

Yet it still amused her, and she returned often to listen. The melody the wind carried today was high pitched today and she wished she could help some of the heavier chimes move to offset the notes played. In her mind she pictured how it would sound, orchestrated to tell her story of a successful hunt. She purred at the thought of her memories set to a soundtrack.

The little cat let her musical aspirations go as she turned back to lying in the grass and letting the sun warm her belly. After a bit, her eyes caught a large bird in the sky and her thoughts drifted to whether it was one she could catch or if it would catch her. Birds high in the air are deceiving at times and if she judged wrong it could lead to problems. Not that she had ever made such a miscalculation.

It was time to move on and so she sprang up to her paws, startling a nearby squirrel which bolted up a tree. She masked her reaction with indifference and strutted down the street as if she had intended to scare it the whole time.

Calm Follows

I follow you down
To the darkest places
And talk with you
Till the light shines again

Calm follows

I follow you up
Soaring to an apex
Listening as the excitement flows
Till you are back to Earth

Calm follows

When rage engulfs
And anger consume
I am there as you vent
Returning to center

Calm follows

At times you hold me close
I find comfort there
When you push away
I hold you tighter

Calm follows

You proclaim my greatness
I do not do it for that
I see you in me
Hoping you see the same


“I am Deylin Greystone,” The tall man spoke extending his hand to Einden.  “I have the unfortunate news that I will be working with my apprentice here, Fen, to erect a stone watch tower beside your Tavern.  His lordship said “knock it over” if you have to or pay him to go away.  But I have good news that after a brief survey I find it best for The Grousing Porcine to stay put.  Now I can tell you my workers will be in love with the location, but I need word from you that you will cut them off or water down their drinks enough so I can be done in time with construction.”

Eiden stood there still stunned that he had come close to losing his beloved establishment.  He was uncertain on if he should be happy or furious in response.  He was being spared the loss of a livelihood, yet would now have to contend with a tower being erected next to him.  he finally managed a few words, “How tall is your structure?”

“Three stories and then there is the stables on the side.  Looks lovely in this sketch,” Deylin said handing over some drawings. “Shame it won’t ever look this nice forever.  They say it will house ten guards and room for another ten if the necessity arises.”

Eiden looked down at the smooth lines showing a very orderly structure, nicely kept.  He didn’t need Deylin to tell him it wouldn’t be long till the stables would be unkept by the under manned tower. “Naturally,” Eiden answered back.  “How long till they get someone to fix the monolith and put the scare behind us?”

“Does anyone even know how to make a new one anymore?”  Fen squeaked under the burden of Deylin’s belongs.  He had been tasked to unpack the wagon and setup tents.  He had decided the closer proximity to the tavern, the quicker he could sneak off for a pint.

“Yes,” Replied Greystone. “The enchanters would not have let that knowledge fade with the ages.  Far too valuable.  Now be quick about setting up I need to go pace off some land and drive in a few stakes.”  he paused for a moment in thought and turned back to Einden, “Sorry my good sir, but I never caught your name.  Pardon my terrible manners.  The other crews will be by tomorrow.  I hope you have ample stores of food.”

“Tis’ Eiden.  Though not keen on you and your men trampling about, I suppose it is what must be done.  Crevan said you would be by to change things up.  But he was wrong when you said you would take everything from me.  The old codger may know a thing or two, but he needs to read the stars better if he things I am losing the Grousing Porcine.”