Contemplation of a November day

Should I go that path
We ponder such question
Will it bring wrath
A new progression
The roads we can walk
Interweave with one another
We can talk our way to where we sulk
Or find strength in each other

Do we contemplate the danger
Not the inconvenience
Of those who are stranger
Not just today, but ever since
In taking for my serenity
What price will time pay
Who will lose tranquility
Bearing the cost in coming day

Do I head to contentment
When for now I could have glee
Stocking up in resentment
Exchanged for currency
In elevating others
What is it I forgo
Chasing druthers
I may see my burden show

Yet if I focus
Looking beyond today
I look past the mass hocus
Keeping fears at bay
There is a route
I would like to find
And if I could go about
It would bring peace of mind


Late in the evening, when the north wind blows down through the alleys by the Chalice Gate, one can hear a calling.  Some would say it is the voices of the past, while others would claim it a haunting of the dead.  To some it is a comforting wind and others it sends a chill down through their skull.  Many a child has gone chasing to see where the voice comes from and return none the wiser.  The guard patrolled the alleyways for a year at the beck of the residents to put an end to the noise and no cause was ever determined.

It was in these narrow pathways that Zahar met an old man.  He seemed at ease with the way he limped toward Zahar. “Young man, I have been looking for you,” he spoke up.  “Easy there, not you per se but someone of you youth and agility.”

Zahar could see the man was missing a foot as the space between the two narrowed. “As a member of the Ardent Order,  I am happy to assist one of our towns seniors.  What can I do for you?”

“I live up in the mountains and with the recent collapse of the monolith I think it best to reside in the city now.  However I cannot drag a trunk down by myself.  Would you be able to assist me in retrieving it?”

“Zahar who are you talking to?”  asked Katranna as she rounded the corner. “You know we are in a hurry.”

“Katranna, I am helping this man with a question.”  Zahar glared over to meet her rounding the corner.

“Who?  The rat scurrying away down the alley”

“Yes, the rat,” Zahar looked back to at the nothingness.

“I should really just let Crevan have you full time.”  Katranna said squinting in the dark to see if anyone still lurked.