In Saj-graf, if you look past the fear of a vulnerable city, you may find opportunity. There are many on the cusp of changing their luck around. With only one decision they will choose their fate, though they may not know it on the day they make that choice. Whether it is to work for a new employer or assist a stranger that needs a hand off the ground. That moment they choose to follow someone or turn down a poorly wrapped gift can make all the difference. It is a dense tapestry of alliances and slights held together by threads each person chooses to weave or cut. The beauty of this would only be seen by few, of which a handful know how to walk the paths that connect the points.

Cerridwen viewed her map of the city looking for weaknesses to bring about its collapse. She looked at her possibilities, briefly considering taking out the Mayor. But the city did need the rally point he provided, without some hope chaos would reign and hinder further activity. The Prince was another possibility, but like Ertle she had uses for them to still exist. She laid out a list of the nobles, and one by one eliminated their roll through unfit or to be used in the future. Zahar from the Ardent Order was an option; he was troublesome and easily bought. But she was uncertain if she had the coin available to use him wisely.

Her pawn had lowered the defenses by damaging the monolith. But no one else in town seemed to understand within the walls was still safe. She laughed to herself thinking of all the people who put their faith in a pillar of beautiful stone and never gave thought to its mechanics. Yet she counted on this, her employer’s goal was the mountains and what slept within. The dormant winged beasts the Lady was after could be woken now. She knew her sister and Saj-graf had nothing to fear from them. The beasts were not to be seen when they left their slumber, another agent in the mountains was to release and guide them. The Lady was quite clear with Cerridwen’s objective, continue with confusion until I give you your final payment.

It was then the idea of Lord Gerard came to her. He did have a thing for her, but not as Cerridwen. He would move a large force out of the city if She gave him reason. That would panic the folk and keep travel to a minimum. All this would be fewer eyes to watch the creatures in flight when the time comes. Soon it would all be done


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