Maeve sat and waited.  She watched as a fly made its rounds of the room before making its way outside to freedom.  She was not sure what she would say to Kadin.  He had been out all day and Kaisu was going to be out for a bit longer.  It would be a brief moment of just the two in the small house and it was now time to make her move.  She closed her eyes to collect herself.

Doubt hid in the corners of her mind, festering a little when her thoughts stayed in its direction.  It wanted to be played with, stoked and coaxed out of the shadows and to the forefront, but Maeve knew better.  The doubt would be one more thing for her tongue to stumble over before asking Kadin what was on her mind.  Yet she could not quite completely keep it our of everywhere.

Maeve had been in tougher, trickier situations before.  She had talked her way out of being arrested while departing a house she had broken into.  She had convinced a Lady that her husband was best off without her and to count herself lucky to have found this out in her youth.  Maeve had held up in a closet for a day when an assassination had gone poorly, yet through ineptness of an entire house staff had managed to go undetected.  Yet all this had not had personal, emotional baggage attached to it.  She pondered if this was the right choice again.

Kadin came in, the noise of the door closing waking Maeve to the present. She stood up and walked over to him, welcoming him back.  She paused taking I him in, analyzing everything about him form his tussled hair to the scars that ran across his arms.  She was weighing this as the last moment to back down and do nothing.  She looked at his face again and she could see he could tell something was up.  Best to cut to the chase she thought.


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