Gerard’s Court

Once a year, Lord Gerard holds court for the nobles to pay their respects.  It is a lavish event with no expense spared.  This year was no different with each of his vassals showed up dressed in their finest their rank would allow.  The long stone hall where they all gathered echoed as they waited for his appearance later in the evening.  At one end of the hall a troupe performed acrobatics. On the other end numerous tables for dining sat elegantly laid out waiting for food.

In the middle a small quartet played setting the mood for the evening.  They played an upbeat tune filling the hall with energy, till Gerard was announced and entered the room from a doorway.  He gave a quick speech welcoming all to his house and other well-crafted pleasantries before he dismissed their attention.  Gerard crossed the room to the dining area where he was assisted into his seat.  A servant then wrung a bell to indicate the other lords may proceed to their respective places.

Each knew where to sit as seating flowed from Gerard by importance of title and size of holdings.  As each made their way to sit Lord Corvus saw someone who he thought should be absent this evening.  Lord Gabriel sat where he had sat last year, three chairs closer to Gerard than Corvus. Corvus could hear as he brushed off concerns for his absence the past serval weeks by saying he had been ill, but was now in better spirits.

The two men locked eyes, in Corvus’s there was confusion and anger.  Gabriel was hiding this if he felt the same.  Instead he smiled politely and said, “You look in good health. Tell Sartow his safety in this city cannot be guaranteed any longer.  There are those who hunt him in the name of justice.”

“Who do you refer to?”  Asked Corvus masking the wrenching he felt in his stomach.

“I must be mistaken,” Gabriel replied politely, before turning to Lord Ully so someone else at the table and asking on about his son.


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