The wisdom I wish to impart on you
It is ponderous and bothersome
You will wish to take none of it
Yet I will give it to you daily.
Like a medicine with horrid taste,
That makes you wince with each draught.
It will slowly work in time,
but not how you imagine.
All things are with in your reach.
I do not mean all things;
I do not mean without strain.
As an agent of change,
The change is your choice
Repercussions take time,
Good or Evil it does not matter,
And you may never feel it.
What motivates you
Does it matter the urge
To end suffering
To appease a power
Personal gain
If it does help others
Find your meaning.
The path you walk
Need not be straight
Nor be pretty to others.
And from a distance
it is hard to be exact
Like all unknowns
I share what I grasp.
You may do the same
And then know what to ask

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