Mayor’s Residence

The stone walls of the second floor library are a yellow-tan. Coolness resonates from them counter to the air of the room. No one is certain who enchanted this room to act in such a manner. The windows look out across a small garden and then down on the main street of the city. Mayor Alvin sometimes wonders if he would be happier tending to the plants below than the needs of the city. From what the gardener says they can be just as fickle and dangerous at times.

He looks out and sees his neighbors protected by fences to hide them from the bustle of the city. This house is no more protected from the city than it from him. The lack of security has never been concern to him in his twenty two years as mayor and most likely will not concern him in the future. The city guard includes him and the rest of the noble’s houses in their patrols. There is also the safety that the districts also get locked down in the evening, but he knows a locked door only dissuades those without a key.

The books that line the shelves are related to law and history. The mayor is familiar with all the rules and edicts they contain. The rights his fellow citizens have are quite complex, and Alvin has learned if he saw fit he could kick the nobles out of any house and then bestow their title to any resident of his city he deems worthy. An idea he has toyed with on stressful days. He is also now aware that if the residents of the city choose they could nominate him to be replaced and Lord Gerard would have to consider the request. These thoughts are among the others running through his mind this late afternoon.

Mayor Alvin sits and waits in his hall for Lord Gabriel. The request to meet was sent a week ago and now he is an hour late. Alvin look s out to see if the lord is approaching for the third time in the past ten minutes. The two of them had talked a month ago about the increase in enchantment activity and the presence of beasts within the city’s domain. Neither liked the situation and Lord Gabriel was to have talked with the Ardent Order by now. Today he does not show, raising other concerns for the mayor.

It would be late that evening, when a small group would call on the mayors has sparking rumors among his neighbors. It was a group of six, mostly women, who approached the door and knocked on that moon lit night and were ushered in. There was one that hobbled slowly, hunched under a cape. Two were women walking proud, clad in armor. Another was a young lady, tending to the caped man. The others no one could describe.


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