Rain Patterns

Storms in Saj-graf usually come from the south or the north.  When from the north, they are typically long light rains that can go on for weeks.  The rains from the south are heavy and brief.  The rain falling this day had been from the west with frequent starts and stops, each time longer and heavier rains than the last. The end result was most people were staying indoors.  Chores were being done by most people, darning of socks or repairing of leaks in roofs. The few lucky people were able to pass this time reading by the light of lanterns or candles.

This was how the day was for most people.  Young Martell was not most people.  She stood catching her breath with a puddle of red water forming at her feet. She never cared to draw her blade, less use it on a fellow person.  But it did not matter now as that issue was resolved.  She was not pleased that one of the two assailants had gotten away, but in a new city she knew better than to chase him down.

“Lady Martell of the Tethinger Knights,” she spoke while reaching her hand out to help up the woman who had gotten her involved.

“Maeve, no titles to go with it.” she spoke, trying to make light of the situation. “So you know, your actions may have made you an enemy with someone of power in this city.  Yet, if it is any consolation, you may have helped save a Lord’s life if I make haste.  You can report this all to someone if that is more your style, but I must be on my way.”

“I will report this afterwards. If another’s life is at risk, your safe arrival is a higher priority.”

“Good, I will explain as we go.”

Siwaldh watched from above as they left.  He had not encountered anyone with the equipment this Knight possessed.  She had somehow been immune to his enchantments of mind control.  He had toyed with using one of his Dremore spheres to incinerate the two of them.  It would have gone against Ertle’s order to be discreet but it would have finished the task.  He sighed to himself, dismissing the concerns of squandered opportunity.

He closed the window and went over to a table.  He skimmed the list of requests from Ertle and the list given to him by the Prince.  If anyone else ever looked at the lists, they would see gibberish or random scrawling.  He had already made it so people were indifferent to a few buildings per the Prince’s request.  He had enchanted an inside of Ertle’s home so if anyone other than Ertle and or he would get lost when they sought out certain chambers.

Maeve was on both lists for reasons neither would not disclose.  He would never have thought her to be a key part to many things as she does not have a real residency in the city and lives with some prominent refugees.  She can disappear for days on end, but so can many of the thousands in the city.

Next on his list, find out what Jaspert does in the mountains.  And after that, a request from the Prince, like many things on his list, more information gathering.  Siwaldh had accepted he would never meet this prince, but was curious as to what he did with the knowledge.


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