The Monolith Saj-graf

The monolith of Saj-graf is located within the confines of the most prestigious house of Saj-Graf. Though tasked with guarding the gilded spire, the family at times all but forgets the purpose the structure as does the average citizen. The symmetry of the structure does go unnoticed tucked away among the nobles and then hoisted some four stories up from the street. This location was chosen to match the flow with the energy of the city.

If it were possible, one could head to it by taking a direct path from the city gate they entered to the city center. The development of a Saj-graf has deviated from this original design over the years making such a trek no longer feasible.
Those in the city that enchant are aware of the subtle hum that radiates from the monolith. It both draws them close and yet becomes unbearable if they proceed too close. The warding on the structure was set to prevent any alterations to its function. This was done after vandalism was found altering a rune that prevented all sprites in the city limits to preventing all sprites. This alteration was never fixed and never really made public knowledge.

Siwaldh looked at the spire from afar. He brushed the greying brown hair from his eye and returned to the mead he was drinking. He had been in Saj-graf for only a week and was already adapting to the customs of the place, mead at lunch and ale at dinner. It was these types of nuances that entertained his mind. In another day or two he would go to meet Ertle and find out what his purpose was for being summoned to Saj-graf.

Ertle had asked for discretion in his arrival. Siwaldh had taken that as blend in best he could. It had started by slowly changing his attire to the city’s fashion. With the right charms he would look physically however he needed. Next it was to find out the proper way to call on someone, it was best to have an appointment and not be unannounced. What he had caught was that it was more direct to visit for business, if it was business. Dinner would only get you a meal and entertainment. Again not a surprise to Siwaldh as this was a merchant’s paradise and not a nobleman’s resort.

Today he was to meet one Lord Hector. The two had been introduced a few years back at a party and they had since been in discussion exchanging bottles of rare spirits as they encountered them. When Hector had learned of Siwaldh’s visit to Saj-graf he had insisted the two meet to share a hundred year old bottle of wine. Neither knew what it would taste like, and that alone had been the draw for Siwaldh to meet with him.


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