Feast of Bazwick

Two weeks after the second harvest of the year is the Feast of Bazwick. It is often forgotten what the feast is for and often looked forward to as a reason for excess and sloth. This year would be no different. Merchant traffic to the city was ceased save for the Chalice gate, which even then did not see much activity. Many arrived the day before staying with kin in the city not wanting to head home after the excess of the day.

This year the festivities would go beyond with Mayor Alvin confirming the good omen of the meteor shower. He had tapped the city’s coffers to let the wine flow free the first hour of the night. This was done by order of Lord Gerard who was keeping something from the people but they did not know it. This festival would buy him another night.

The Locked Chancery was like any inn with its doors open and tables packed. Here, Sartow spent the evening drinking with his new friend Lord Corvus. The two had met through Ertle and had found they had much in common. They had agreed to not discuss business tonight rather revel in their own gory dealings trying to one up the other in who had seen or done the most bizarre.

Also that evening a few tables over was Crevan enjoying a warm cider till his ear caught wind of their conversation. It was when Sartow mentioned a certain house he had left someone at a few nights ago that he got up and left the place. On his way out he bumped into a young lady and apologized profusely. Afterward he thought it odd how clean her white blouse was compared to her dirty brown cape. He may not have apologized had he known she was joining the other Sartow and Corvus.

Crevan was off to find a healer by the name of Kaisu. She was a student of Lady Lyph, who he knew would be sound asleep at this hour and of little use. Hopefully by the time he collected her and got to Lord Gabriel, he would still be okay. Nyo-ji was an unpredictable one and his Lordship may be dead or recuperating. As long as he was still alive, a good healer could work wonders with the care Nyo-ji would give.

But where to take him and keep him hidden?

He ran through many names and places till he recalled Knight Kala, yes she would help. Kaisu could be left alone with Crevan at Nyo-ji’s. Crevan quickened his pace through the streets. The where came quicker, the Lord lived by himself so it should be simple enough to get him back home. With the town drunk tonight was the night to take action.


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