Fort Iredsta

In the Saj-ur foothills if one knows where to look they can find the remnants of high wooden walls made of logs tied together with decaying rope and rusting nails. The wood itself has decayed in many places removing the security that was once provided by the walls of Fort Iredsta. The fort in its day was used as sanctuary by the people from the forest goblins. Constructed and run by the Knights of Kaddock , it served for about fifty years before the town of Saj-Graf was started. After that it was passed on to the merchant house Ixith. Ixith saw the necessity for the fort die off as Saj-graf and other cities grew. It was briefly home to various marauders and brigands over the years but eventually the lack of repair and upkeep saw the value of such a holding fade.

Fort Iredsta saw its last glimmer in a commoner’s memory as the line where the King Vincent IV held back the Ogre Armies of Khostone. At that time it was the forward camp for the Lords that saw combat. It was nothing grand in its service other than it was a better alternative to out in the open or under a random tree. The walls did hold back the best advances of the ogre onslaught, but was never in any real danger of falling.

Today Fort Iredsta is hosting Kaisu and Maeve as they are hunting for just the right herbs for Lyph. Maeve explained she does errands for the old lady in exchange for her wisdom. In turn Maeve was teaching Kaisu about the plants they were gathering so that she could work on her own services as a healer. Kaisu had worked a little in Lyph’s shop after Maeve had encouraged her to request it. Kaisu had noticed Maeve was never in Lyph’s place when she was, but had chalked it up to she was not needed by Lyph if she was there.

Kaisu’s reputation as a healer had been growing in Saj-graf. She was now faced with regular visits and business that she had turned to more reputable suppliers for her reagents. She could have afforded for herself to move out from Kadin’s house and up in the world. Instead she had donated her free time and money to operating in a space near the

Well of Karitas. Never asking what her clients there did or how they were injured, she was only concerned that they were receiving treatment for their injuries and ailments.

Kadin was with the ladies at his own invitation, and under the guise of concern for their safety. Kadin had taken the advice of Sudeman, and was keeping a closer eye on Maeve’s actions and words. Kadin was slightly more at ease having spent more time around Maeve, but still untrusting of her motives and her advances on him. Maeve was somewhere between his and Kasiu’s age, and while he did find her attractive, he was still uncertain of what to make of her.


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