Yonnic’s Cove

Yonnic’s Cove in Port Gertrude is a cozy place to drink at the end of a long day. The old oak walls are still nice and solid keeping the cold at bay on a cool day. The thatch roof was recently replaced after decades of wear. There are two fire places at either end of the building and a small stage along one of the front walls. It brings in a nice mix of sailors, farmers, and merchants who share the latest gossip of the lands. Frequently the discussion turns to who is the leader of Saj-graf.

First there is Ertle who without a doubt has an unofficial control of the city’s commerce. Many a merchant would agree that he is only lacking in name the control of the city. His connections will open many doors to a merchant, and seal off a lesser few. Yet if you were a farmer or noble you would scoff at such power as you know more that control your life.

Lord Gerard holds the rights to the land. The nobles would agree he was the leader of Saj-graf as there mobility and income were tied back to him. It is through his good graces their titles were maintained and it is he who had power over their own holdings. The lords pledge there fealty to him once a year. The farmers too owe the normal taxes to the lord whether it is paid in coin or crops. They too are indebted to him for lease of his lands.

A few of the less savory fellows would argue The Prince does control Saj-graf and the surrounding lands. He is known to have records of people’s movement in spite of the sstealth attempted. The Prince knows better than Ertle the types of good flowing through town, even if they should not be. He lacks a title from Lord Gerard, but if reaches out to you, you had best show him respect.

Then there is always Mayor Alvin. He is the weakest contender with the most power. He is charged by Gerard to run the place. There is no doubt he is on the take and can bend the law to his will when needed. The town guard reports to him, giving him a small army at his disposal. Yet the fool as he does it all so whimsically and with no plan further out than the day.

Despite all this, in Yonnic’s Cove, Yonnic Rules the house with prices just above fair and quality just below par. There is plenty of room and your safety is guaranteed. Beyond turning a profit he has no interest in your belongings and his bouncers will toss out the trouble maker at first go. He manages to get the best entertainment in the region but never says how. Yonnic never weighs in on any of this because his patrons wish him beholden to none. Yet he still pays his taxes with a smile.


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