Chalice Gate

Traveling south form Port Gertrude, one enters Saj-graf through the Chalice Gate. On any given day hundreds pour through entering and leaving the city. If you live in the city, odds are you will at least traverse the gate once. It is wide enough for three wagons to pass through when the fifteen foot tall wooden doors are fully open. At night the doors are closed and a smaller side door can be opened if someone truly needs to traverse the city’s boundaries. The name of Chalice Gate comes from the early days of the city when it was the only gate large enough for wine to be delivered through. The gate and the city were much smaller then, but as the city grew the name stuck.

It is through Chalice Gate that Kala returned from Butcher’s Field near twilight as the first of the two gates was closing. She was still trying to figure out why a Scoria Sprite was anywhere near Saj-graf. News had made its way back to town faster than her and stories traveled up and down the road of the brave city guard taking out the menace so quickly. Kala was not above letting them revel in the glory as she seemed to not be mentioned in the rumors. But her thoughts were interrupted when she saw a nobleman walking by. The albino stood out as she had never seen one before. He was quite well covered up, but the face was what struck her.

He smiled cordially as he walked by, a similar greeting he would have given anyone worth respect in passing. Kala however received a shock and felt a great compulsion to strike up conversation with this man. “Good evening my lord, may I walk with you for a bit?” She asked not of her own will.

“By all means,” He smiled at her. “I am just out for a stroll to the Hall of the Ardent Order, if that is on your path.”

“My path is where Latl guides me.”

“Kala is it? I heard the Latl’s Knight was in town. I am not certain what I can offer to a brave soul as yourself, but ask and I shall assist.”

“You may have heard rumor that there was a Sprite spotted and killed north of Saj-graf. I need to find someone to discuss this with and Latl says you are my key to this city.”

“I may be able to help in that regard, come with me I will introduce you to one of the Ardent Order, she may have some other news to help make sense of your puzzle.”


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