Kala and the Sprite

There is a field north of Saj-graf that is level in a twenty by twenty foot square. On it are the remnants of a wooden structure complete with trap doors and a couple broad beams running across the top. The place is often used by children, climbing up and down the stairs on the far sides of it or jumping down to the ground from the platform while their parents usually cross the field at a slower pace. The older ones will jump up and hang from the beams which groan with the weight which would have once caused only a shrug.

It is called Butcher’s Field from the days when there were executions preformed daily at the platform. The rule of the town Lord was feared during that time. He had no tolerance for breaking the law with punishments usually outweighing the crime. It was not that the laws were unjustly enforced, in fact they were weighed through a system of three judges and if all three found you guilty then you were to take your sentence no question. Most crimes involved incarceration, but just a second offense and society was deemed better off without you.

It was on Butcher’s Field that Knight Commander Kala encountered the sprite. It glowed with a faint orange light and floated in the air without a care for the wind. It was fascinated by the children and kept floating by to watch their reactions, while parents fretted about what it may do and tried to sneak off when it was distracted by another soul.

Kala kept her distance initially to study such an odd critter. She was not certain as to if it was toying with the people or was something that had no power to control them. She could hear the sound of horses approaching; likely the town guard uncertain of what they were coming to handle as there were never sprites in the cities. Communication with the sprite may be possible if Kala were one of the few that knew how to. Weighing her options she felt drawing a weapon may only escalate the scenario.

Her plan of action came together amongst the chaos. First she saw a clay jar on the ground, the water it held had flown out. She grabbed it and the top for it an deftly made her way in the sprite’s direction. Seeing the fascination with a child’s apple, she grabbed one from among the scatted items laying strewn on the field. She then whistled a happy tune to get the creatures attention, letting it see her place the apple in the jar. She took a step away from the jar. The sprite saw with delight the easily gotten food and flew over and on to the jar. As it bent over to get the apple a bolt flew through the air piercing its back.

“No need to thank us my Lady,” Spoke one of the guard as slung his bow back over his shoulder, happy in his done duty. “The sprite will harm no one any further.”

“No, it shall be no further problem,” She replied, looking at the twitching creature. “You have done well protecting the people.”

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