In the Saj-ur foothills, east of Saj-graf, there are many places to work where you can obscure the city from your view. In the past the place was seen as a nesting place for bandits. This came to an end when Saj-graf was annexed by the Iseb kingdom and a sufficient sweep could be done of the land. There are still wilds where a person could hide, but they pose an issue of quick egress.

Occasionally these locations were locations where contraband would be smuggled through. A year ago a tunnel had been found leading from Saj-graf to these outer reaches. A feat that had taken some years to accomplish and it was shut down by the town guard when several barrels made from inferior wood broke spilling wine from a shed in the slums. The shed, on top of a hill, should in no way have that much mine stored in or near it. It first attracted the attention of many in the slums curious as to why their street now had a flowing stream of wine. As the crowd gathered, the guard became concerned and sought to bust up the gathering. Realizing it was not an uprising they followed the flow to the source and arrested those that owned the shed. They are still serving their sentence out by filling in the tunnel.

Katranna was poking through the foothills trying to get to where Lord Gabriel had directed her. She had brought along Zahar and four others to investigate what was out here. It had taken most the day to get this far and had seen no signs of anything other than squirrels and birds. There were a couple ravens that Zahar would swear were following them, though it could just be his own ignorance.

They arrived in the clearing with ample light to see everything. There was a rough 5 foot long table covered in dried clay and iron. On the far side of the clearing looked as if something had trampled the ground, perhaps a group of knights in full armor?

“Zahar, what do you make of this?” Katranna asked.

“I think his Lordship was right with concern. There are no chairs so I doubt much sitting occurred at the table. Iron is usually used in crafting something to enchant. I am at a loss though as to what they were enchanting, maybe someone’s armor?”

“That is a good start Zahar,” Katranna replied. “Nahuel, do you want to fill in Zahar on what he is missing?”

Nahuel was one of the older members of the Ardent Order. He had been around longer than Katranna. Having no desire for the leadership position, he was an expert on what Enchanters were capable of doing and had corresponded with a couple in the guild in regards to research on understanding concepts. “The clay is key here along with what Gabriel spoke about. These creatures are too large to work on in an Invoker’s Lantern and the excess magic burn comes from nobody really knowing how much to channel into their creation. The Iron is a casing or reinforcement for whatever homunculus they were probably cresting. Looking at the scraps it may have been a couple of them being created. If you come over here and have a look at the trampled ground, you can see some prints in the mud of poorly formed feet as opposed to metal boots. My guess is they were not creating something to pass off as human, rather something to inspire fear.”

“Study a little more to know the adversaries we will be dealing with Zahar. You will need your hammer to deal with these creatures when we hunt them down tomorrow. Hopefully they are still just in the foothills.”


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