Corvus Manor

Corvus manor is four stories tall, a full story higher than his neighbors and he paid for that as he wanted no one able to look into the top story. The distance to the nearest building is over fifty feet; again he paid for this by buying and demolishing the rest of the block around him. Corvus received his wealth through inheritance and years of service to the king. He was the best marksman at the time he was employed and from his roof could probably still hit a target across town. The favorite thing of his is his collection.

Sir Corvus is proud of his collection of over five hundred gauntlets. He likes walking down the halls looking at his trophies and thinking about each conquest. Some of them were taken in mere minutes while others took years to hunt down. When it comes to condition he is quite particular about trying to have as pristine as possible. He only tolerates the most minor of imperfections, and curses himself when he does more damage.

They line the halls on the top floor of his manor where only he can enjoy as they are not for everyone. His neighbors might voice some concern if he displayed to all those wishing to see. And at least one would land him in jail for outright ownership.

As he walks amongst them he enjoys nudging and adjusting each of his prizes in a way that the light hits it best or how it suits his mood after a bad day. He makes sure that none have been stolen, knocked or touched by the wind which is the only other allowed admirer. His favorite is the one encrusted with gems and gold, its features accented in lines of platinum. It makes him happy to see the variety of color.

Each gauntlet is still in possession of its owner’s hand. Each one won in a dual with Sir Corvus, who takes offense as he sees fit. He wonders if some day he will meet his match or will it be age that does him in.


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