Well of Karitas

The Well of Karitas was dug in the poorest of Saj-graf and billed as an act of charity to the less fortunate. The funding was easily obtained through pointing out that if these poor souls could have a closer source of water, they would not need venture to other parts of the city to retrieve it.

Since its being built the people have made good use of the well. The place is well maintained thanks to an opportunist group of smugglers. There are several hidden compartments in the well’s façade where shady merchandise and payment for it are exchanged. The security of the sight is maintained by a Lord Elwin, which all know is not a real lord and respect him like one all the same. He is someone that nobody sees or knows the identity of and yet many have felt his wrath in defiance of the working of the exchanges at the well. It has led to speculation of him being made up or a person a of a group of people.

The town guard is aware of the well’s function as an exchange point but remains ignorant of the compartments and how they work. This is due to the compartments being locked via enchantments and the necessity to have the proper key to unlock the chamber. The chambers themselves are linked via a portal to a larger holding space than the stone portrays.

A need for something on the questionable side is what brings Maeve here today. As she sends a bucket down the well to retrieve water she is looking for a tan piece of stone then counting over from it till she feels the quartz on her hand vibrate. She draws her hand across it four times while pulling up the bucket and the front opens up. She slides one hand into the stone and pulls out four vials of clear liquid. She stealthily slides them into a pocket of her cloak, and then pulls out a pouch to return to the stone. She goes back to the water she had retrieved and pours the water into an urn she had brought with her. Taking the urn she departs.

Shortly after her departure a woman, very out of place comes to the well. She is wearing boots more suited for riding than walking, a brown cape with a couple drops of blood, a new well fitted white shirt and brown pants. She looks as the well and mumbles, closes her eyes and holds a green crystal out toward the well. The stone Maeve had used, opens up and she takes the coins. She returns a small lock box in its place and closes the chamber back up.


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