Lanterns and Auras

When enchanting properly an Invoker’s Lantern is usually the means one has for containing any leakage of magic.  They are rather stalwart devices and can also contain the error of blowing up what is being enchanted.  This explosion thing happens more than most enchanters will ever admit to.  When one does not have access to a proper lantern, there are many auras that get cast about and fumes generated.  When done out in the open it tends to attract the most anything with a sense or link to the magical realm, such as sprites.  It can also attract things such as wyverns, goblins, and any commoner with the misfortune of seeing the enchanter at work.

The success or purity of an enchantment is seen through the auras cast.   A red aura is usually the weakest of enchanting and is either done improperly or gone completely awry.  A yellow to green aura is the progression of good to better with a purple aura being given if a perfect enchantment takes place.  Even the most skilled enchanter would be thrilled to see a purple aura once in their life.  To one that is unfamiliar with what they are seeing this aura is often mistaken for flames or a fire if it persists for a long time.

When more magical energy is channeled by the enchanter than needed to bind the enchantment there is a certain amount of smoke or steam given off.  The larger the excess magic summoned the more smoke that radiates.  Most enchanters would their best to minimize this as it can usually lead to less than perfect enchantments and usually adds to the fatigue one feels post enchanting.

“Lord Gabriel, why do you know all this?”  Katranna asked.

“I know, because my uncle was an Enchanter.  He passed on useful information to me trying to encourage me to follow his path.  I have no skill when it comes to such things so I did not.  I do not know what sort of enchantments one would do up in the mountains but it cannot be anything harmless.”

“That and enchanting outside the city like that is against the Mayor’s decrees.  Can you direct my men on where to investigate?”  She followed up.

“Certainly,” he smiled.  “Get me some paper and I can write out exactly where and how best to get there.”


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