Horace Atoll

There is a place south of Saj-graf where eight stones rise just slightly above the knee-high grass.  The stones are thought to be remains of a meteor as they are different from the surrounding areas.  The place is called the Horace Atoll by the merchants that travel by.  They are used as a landmark, but never as a stop as many fear the circle they form haunted.  Several sightings of ethereal fire or other aberrations have been reported at all hours of the day, so it is hard to find one willing to linger in such a place.

It is here that Cerridwen waits for word on her next target.  She can for quite the distance that no one is around or approaching across the plains, and yet she hides herself close to the stones.  She lifts her head just above the tall grass like a predator in the grasslands with a keen eye hunting for a trace movement.  It has already been three hours of nothing and yet she waits hidden, for the word of her employer.

She has traced onto scrolls the writings and images that are on the sides of the stone.  This is not for her employer but so that she may understand what the place is.  She recognized two of the multiple languages etched into their sides, both no longer spoken here.  What words she does grasp mention a sealed portal due east of the circle’s center.  It is while looking in that direction she notes a raven in the sky.

She watches as a raven floats down from the sky.  It is following the unseen currents, gently being lifted up every so often before continuing its descent.  It spots Cerridwen and speeds toward her location, till it lands on the far side of her stone shield.  She reaches over with a small handful of meat scraps, gaining the birds trust.  While it enjoys the easy meal, she removes a tiny vial from the raven’s leg.

Cerridwen smiles at her new instructions.  She has always wanted to be part of the chaos in the world and she now has that opportunity.  Closing her eyes she focuses for a bit before sinking into the shadows that lurk near the stone.

It will be outside of Saj-graf on the way to Port Gertrude she will be seen again, if only for a moment.  Even then she will go unnoticed at the time as they will all be running in fear a Scoria Sprite.  These sprites are mischievous but have no real substance, unable to lift more than a thimble.  The folk of Saj-graf know not the difference from it and the normal sprite, which can do far worse.


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