The Sound

There was a sound outside.  I knew not what it was.  I was quite content with what I had and felt no need to investigate.  So there I sat with indifference to that which had now made its self present.  Life went on and this new sound slowly piqued my curiosity because of its unyielding nature.  It was neither unpleasant nor annoying but the mere fact that it continued required some sort of investigation.

Out I went to explore that which I had no idea was or, prior to a short while before, had even cared about.  The sound was something that seemed to call out for me to investigate, yet I think that had I not I would have been comfortable with its seemingly ever-presence.  There is no doubt that it felt like it should continue to be and therefore questioned myself as to how sure I was that it nay did exist prior to its detection.

Try as I might I could not recall any such similar noise occurring prior to a short bit back.  The sound at this point was starting to fade into the tapestry that makes up everyday life.  Indeed I was losing track of its origin because of the harmony it maintained.  Like the sound of a car running or music in the background it had been a short while and yet already the noise was incorporated into my daily existence.

As time went on I could tell that the noise sometimes was not there and when it was not I missed it as though it was a favorite item.  Indeed it had become as natural as the desire to have a glass of water when thirsty or to eat when hungry.  The source of it though unknown, the sound never seemed gone long and as a result I became accustomed to its short absences.  Time progressed and I came to fall into a coexistence with its habits.  Though originally sad by its absence, the brief time without the noise made me enjoy its presence more so.

It was then I realized the sound never did disappear entirely and that it more so just faded out and became less dominant to the rest of the world.  It was as if it had the modesty to realize that the rest of the world may have as much importance as the sound itself and then when it may be completely gone it would renew its endeavor to be recognized if even only for a moment.

This existence went on for awhile and then as if something in the universe had shifted slightly I knew the sound would soon be gone.  Perhaps it was just a feeling or maybe I had finally realized the true nature of the sound.  Maybe the sound itself had indicated the course it was to soon follow and passed this information along with its existence.  Regardless, something that I had gone most my life without and had but a short encounter with was about to leave.  I didn’t want it to, I had grown accustom to its influence on the melody of daily life.  The noise was but a blip on the larger scale of life gone by and life to come.  However sometimes something fleeting can have a larger impact than that which is around us longer.

I felt like I had wasted all the time I should have spent listening to this sound.  Rather than memorizing it I had taken for granted, I had let its presence be squandered.  I felt like such a fool for not having done anything more than listen to it.  But then I reflected.  I had done what I could do to pursue it, I had seen all that there was for me to see.  The reality was I had taken as much advantage of the situation as I could.  I had incorporated the sound into everything it fit into.  I had appreciated it in every way possible.  The truth was I had done everything but waste it.

Then it was gone.  It was all over and I felt left with nothing despite the fact of what I had.  I knew the sound finally and its origin.  I knew what it had done and how it had done so.  I had enjoyed it and let it be.  I missed it, I mourned it, I searched for it, I chased it, and then I let it go.  It was not mine, but someone else’s now to follow.  I was left quiet, back to what had been.


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