Lord of the Night

In one of the oldest quarters in which the nobles keep their homes, lays a grey stone house.  The windows are outlined in black obsidian and the chimneys are covered in soot of the same darkness.  The walls are covered in rose filled vines, which in the summer can overwhelm the senses.  The upper windows are all of stained-glass, and, if one were inclined to take the time to notice, tell a story.  It is the story of the virtues of the Arubless, God of Wisdom.  Yet most of Saj-graf’s current residents would not recognize the depictions as this building predates their families settling in the city.

In this noble house resides Lord Gabriel.  Gabriel’s life often involves waking as the twilight fades and the moon rises.  An albino, his skin does not fare well most days in the Saj-graf sun. Many in the town fear being summoned to his estate in the evening as the candles and lamps cause an eerie glow from the upper floor.  Once inside most respectable people are put at ease as they soon see a well-kept house with all in order.   Other lords do not think twice about calling on Gabriel in the evening as his hospitality and manners are usually better than their own.

There are others that tell of seeing people enter and never leaving.  These are the same that claim there are strange noises that come from the lower levels, noises that are not human. There is also talk about how Lord Gabriel is above the law, despite complaints from his neighbors he has never been charged with any crime.  Other stories go that the town guard is afraid to enter the estate in fear of what they may uncover.

This night Lord Gabriel can be seen on one of the balconies.  He is wearing a red lined black cape, to fight off the night chill.  Otherwise he is dressed like any other lord in a fine shirt and pants.   He sits with a pedestal next to him where his wine sits as he looks up at the meteors through one of the few telescopes in town.  As the night progresses and the streets thin of passersby he does another look around before turning his gaze down from the sky to the rooftops of the merchant district.

Across the city he watches as a black clad figure works its magic on opening a window and scampering inside a second story of what most likely is a warehouse.  He then changes his gaze over to the Jit tower and the changing of the guard, and ponders how much they would give for a spyglass to look out over the city.  He chuckles to himself knowing too well it will never happen.  He then shifts hi gaze to the Tower of Din.  There he sees her, Captain Katranna.

She was who he really wished would visit.   He had thought of many ways to introduce himself to her, but fate would never let their paths cross.  Tomorrow he would again try to see her by leaving his manor in the morning and visiting the Tower.  He had tried once before, but her duties had taken her out of the path of meeting.  Then again, it was not like they had never met.  She had come to his aid one evening when he had gone to the Durst Market and was mugged.  He could recall it like it was yesterday, and she had made an impression on him.  Yet he doubted she had thought of him any more than any other she has aided.

He finished gazing at her and again changed direction to the mountains in the east.  It was what he really trying to investigate.  There were rumors a wyvern had taken up residence in the mountains and the mayor was offering a bounty for proof one way or the other.  It may have been a condor or giant hawk that people saw, but if it was not then an expedition would need to be mounted to slay it.   Looking through the valleys he saw something just as bad, it was a fire with a green flame and white smoke.  He took a moment to focus in on the location and began to make some notations.  Then a smile cracked his lips, this may be the excuse he needed to talk to the captain.


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