Durst Market

The Durst Market was so named for the land that had been donated by Lord Durst in the city so that the merchants may mingle with all regardless of class.  Located in the heart of Saj-Graf it is accessible through many routs.  The place is packed closely with vendors of all sorts of wares and often items one may never have known they needed.  There are stalls that sell over a hundred types of knives and yet one is strictly for the butcher while another caters toward a fighter.  Only the merchants could explain why each was different.

Those that are lucky through wealth or inheritance own permanent buildings on the edge of the market.  A number of these buildings now serve as taverns and bakeries looking to feed off the idle money not in the hands of the merchants nearby.  It is not by reservation that one retrieves their space in the market itself.  Many a merchant come early in the morning in hopes of claiming a better spot, while others may spend the night if there location suits their fancy.  A few even sell through the night in hopes of finding a client regardless the moral compass.

It is during the third night of the meteor shower that Kadin made his way here.  Word had reached him that a seer from the south by the name of Sudeman.  Sudeman was a name Kadin knew from his youth, his father had always sought him out for guidance on important matters as he was known for having the utmost discretion.      Lately Kaisu had been hanging around a woman named Maeve and Kadin was uncertain of the effect she was having.

Much to his delight Kadin found him at one of the taverns, the Locked Chancery.  It was a tavern for those clever and sober enough to find the way in through a window on the second floor and then navigate a series of tight hallways down to the basement.  The bar was created by an entrepreneurial gentleman that started by adding a basement to someone else’s building as through a legal loophole the building’s owner did not own the land underneath.  And so the first iteration of the tavern existed, till the building owner built over the entrance.

After a case with the local law it was deemed the building could stay.  So the bar owner added on to the building above, while its owner was out of town, a false façade with an extra window and a ladder down to the tavern.  And so things like this continued till the modern iteration.  Naturally by now, sixty years since its building, the current owner has built a tunnel out to make deliveries easier.  Yet the novelty of the entrance attracts patrons and the annoyance of getting in keeps out the guard most days.


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