The Ardent Order

To hear the Ardent Order’s motto “Preservation of self through others”, one could incorrectly assume that they were about a selfish goal of letting others do the work.  That is, in the field of combat one might expect them to do as little as possible and expect others to make sacrifices for their survival.  In Saj-graf if one made such claims then he may quite easily be laughed at as an ignorant full or mistaken for such thought if they appeared to be a foreigner.

The actions of this order are quite the opposite, as they strive to do what is right and uphold the law.  The motto is based on the belief that your memory will live on if you do great things for others.  As a testament to the fallen, attached to their hall is the Tower of Din.  In here rest the archives of all those that have fallen and the deeds done for the safety of Saj-graf.  Those of the greatest honor have their names etched into the stones of the fifth tier.  The entirety of the tower is open to the public of the town to pay their respects for those that have served them.  It is also what has inspired many to try and join the ranks of the Ardent Order, a tough task in itself.

Captain Katranna stands at the top of the Tower of Din watching a meteor shower.  Smiling at the marvel, she comments to her squire Zahar, “Do you know that Crevan says the shower is a good sign?  He speaks of prosperity to follow for ten years for each night the shower continues.”

“Really, Katranna?  You follow that mystic?  I thought you were far more logical than that.”

“Zahar, you are young and have not seen much this world has to offer.  Though not common here you may think that enchanters are charlatans out to best people.  Yet in the Iseb Empire, there is an entire guild for them and they craft marvels.  Did you ever wonder how the city of Saj-graf keeps out the creatures that require garrisons to protect the farms and mines?”

“I assumed it was through trial and error creatures just avoided us.”

“For many that is true, yet there are armies of Ogres to the south that would love to try and pillage this city.  There are sprites which would love to infest this town taking control of all living things and using them as puppets.  Then there are the Clouderven.”

“Clouderven and sprites?  They are tales we tell to scare our children.  When was the last time you saw any of those things, Captain?”


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