Sand Flow

The Sand Flow desert is west of Saj-graf. Its name comes from the avalanches of sand that fall from the dunes on the northern edge of the desert.  There are geysers that erupt, shooting mist and sand high into the air at the base of these dunes causing the formation of other dunes.  When enough sand accumulates it flows down the side of the dune further into the desert.  It is at the outskirts of this second set of dunes where the first altar to Latl was constructed in the east.  It is currently tended to by two knights of Edostera, Sigurd and Razvan, and now serves as a location for the devout to be alone and commute with Latl.  They have privilege of a small well and a stone building all to themselves.  The altar itself sits exposed to the elements and is let too slowly be reclaimed by the sands of time.

At one point the altar was ornate with lightning patterns etched into the anvil shaped stone.  The deep azure of the bolts has faded and bleached in the sun, while the horn of the anvil has dulled with time.  There are markings in the stone floor it rests on where poles once held a tent or canopy over the altar.  Yet it is not neglected as the two nights ensure the altar remains uncovered by the sand that surely would have swallowed it in its long life.  There are clear signs the altar is still respected with absence of any markings from wild animals or remnants of sacrifice.   When a priest visits there are ceremonies held and all materials for such matter are stored with the altar’s keepers.

Sigurd is senior and has served now with his second partner and is awaiting the arrival of his replacement. It has been nine years since his appointment and he is missing the interaction of the world.  Any day now a group from Iseb shall arrive with new orders for him.  Sigurd was originally sent here for his failure in the field alongside his fellow fighters. Since then he has come to terms with his past and now hopes for the chance to prove himself.

Razvan is the younger of the pair, he sought out the assignment to this post on his own, fascinated with history of Latl.  In the three years of his posting he has read all the books and records in their small abode.  He is currently logging all the visitors to the place and records as much of their story as they are willing to share.   He has recently started tracking the activity of the geysers in hopes that he may find a pattern to their chaos.

It would be four days after their valiant attempts to defend the shrine their bodies would be found.  Knight Commander Kala and her men would arrive too late to save the altar and its guardians.  She would note in the records that each had taken down five assailants before falling; missing that it was Sigurd that had taken down nine of the men in a failed attempt to save Razvan.  Kala would lose much sleep that night apologizing to Latl for not seeing his choice in Razvan as his first in a new line of priests.  In the morning two new guards would be assigned to the altar and the band would clean the bodies from the place.  No one else would know the shame they had suffered here.  Kala would ride off to Saj-graf  with her normal retinue in hunt of her next lead for the spiritual guide of Latl.


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