In the merchant district of Saj-graf is the shop of Lyph.  The shop is tucked away through a series of lesser known streets, referred to as the Courier’s Path, as they are the only ones that ever could ever navigate them thoroughly.  It is nothing assuming or shady and has a nice window box of flowers on the window to the left of the entrance.  The green glass windows help dim the light on the inside slightly and if you had time to take care and notice they are much thicker at the bottom than the top.

Lyph sells that which is hard to come by, a future one can be proud of.  Her shelves are bare as she is always out of stock and yet she still has something for you if you come to visit.   She can see through your past the threads of life you have woven to this point.  Lyph will look through her glasses at the far end of her nose and see the next steps you could take and guide you to the right one.

For the right price she can help you work it all into a legacy all will admire and for a higher price she can sweep up the troubles you have left in your wake.  If one saw her for her grey hair and frail body they may think her a mystic wise with age.  The light flowing deep purple and blue robes all part of the image she portrays.

If you entered her shop on a given morning, you may think she is sitting at home as she sits at a table playing solitaire drinking her tea.  But the morning is when she sees her clientele and takes note of their request.  No one ever wants there future perfect and Lyph would never dream of forcing something unwanted on her clients.  It is often trouble with debt or competition for a job or another vying for a lover’s affections.  Lyph could give the simple advice that each of these things are unimportant to the future.  Lyph however understands the suffering of people and the desire for a quick fix.  With a few well-placed words and some coins to ease remaining concerns she fixes the problems others come with.  Her smile never fades from her lips and her cup of tea that never runs dry.

Her shop closes around noon, she says it is for her nap if ever asked, and that is when her work really begins.  If one could visit moments later, they would see a younger woman, gone the ravages of aging.  Her brown hair nicely kept and short, gone are robes hiding a slender, well defined figure.  Lyph is gone and a person the world knows as Maeve appears.

Maeve carries out the work that Lyph does not do.  For example if a client complains of a rival competing for the affection of their love, then it is just as easy to make the rival disappear.  If perhaps you have lost an item, she is the one that makes sure it is retrieved.  Maeve works the shadows in the day and hunts by the moon to make sure all is set right.  She has her own network of debts to collect in the form of favors.  She is not bound by a small shop or the gates blocking off a quarter of the city.

Often caught sight of and frequently mistaken for what she is not, Maeve knows the story she is weaving.  Her future is one she will be proud of when the time comes for retirement when Lyph passes away.  Then Saj-graf will be a memory and Maeve will have her solitude free to relax where ever the wind takes her. For now she works to undo her own messy yarn and weave a tale more to her liking.


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