Beast of Saj-graf

If you looked outside the caves south of Saj-graf, one might dismiss the myriad of bones strewn about as remnants of coyotes or wolves.  Assuming the time of year was summer; the bones may be missed, obscured by the tall grass.  In which case the signs of where on the cave tops could be written off as miners and prospectors pillaging the old tunnels in hopes of finding a mineral or ore vein missed by the previous worker.

If one were to approach in winter they would be forgiven for missing the things buried in the snow and wear of the land obscured by patches of icicles forming in front of the cave openings.  And if on that day a windy storm front pushed through you may be even forgiven for assuming the slight howls were the winds whistling through the arroyos nearby.

To approach in spring, there would be no mistaking that something lived in the caves south of Saj-graf as that is when the clouderdven are most active.  They would be hunting the migratory deer, goats, and hogs, as they make the trek back to the mountain from the plains.  If one sees the clouderven, it is too late as they will know your presence from your smell long before you see them.

Artists in Saj-graf depict the clouderven as six legged serpents with a ferret’s head and the size of a house.  The general depiction relies on existing work, and they may also reference some folk saga depending on the artist’s family history.  Natives to Saj-graf tend to think the scales are brown, while those that have roots outside Saj-graf, depict the scales as grey.  They have claws on their front feet for digging and fighting.  Clouderven have a silver mane running down their spine, terminating on the base of their bob-tail, and it is always depicted as shiny and clean.

Though it has been well over four hundred years since one was last seen, anyone claiming to have seen one would surely be thought a liar.   As mentioned above, they would know you there and have killed you without a thought, enjoying the light snack.


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