Crevan sits upon the wall of Saj-graf looking out at the sky each night.  He rises with the moon at twilight as many are calling it an end to a long day.  Crevan walks the sixty stairs to the top of the wall and starts the slow saunter around the city much like his teacher, Master Volka, had.  He watches the constellations walk upon the heavens playing out their yearly stories in his mind.  This night he watches the lovers’ stars prominent as the wyvern’s wings start to appear.  It will be another month till the wyvern appears in full, bursting from its egg.

This night Crevan starts to hums a hymn he recalls from his youth, when he attended the church of Arubless.  It is a rather upbeat melody, which he has forgotten all the words to except “compassion and time pay in turn”.  He wonders if anyone else knows that this is the night of the Jackal’s Folly.  A night most thieves, back when Saj-graf had no walls, would spend on the right side of the law if they were the least bit superstitious.  Volka had been full of many stories and this was his favorite.

The jackal had been scavenging all day and was wont for a meal.  The lovers had a feast for a picnic and plenty of food to spare.  He tried to fool the lovers out of their scraps, but in the end he got nothing.  Later he learned that had he politely asked for something the two would have been willing to share.  The jackal’s dishonesty had left the two with disdain for the jackal.  Later versions of the story added in the lovers thinking twice of their actions and still giving the Jackal something.  Crevan had never cared for that version as the Jackal did not learn anything.  Volka pointed out the story was to teach so it depended on the lesson one wanted to give.  The two had agreed that their opinions were different and left it at that.

Looking up, his eyes catch a streak across the night sky, then another and another.  The meteor shower stems from the eye one of the two lovers, but a cloud obscures which one from Crevan.  He holds his breath in wait for the cloud to move.   Others in the city now are looking to the sky enjoying the light show, not aware of the potential meaning.    It had been on his deathbed that Volka had revealed the following bit of knowledge, if it is from the male then it is a cry of joy and if it is from a female then it is of sorrow.  Either way he will know the fortune of the kingdom for the next ten years.  If it is joy, then all will continue as it shall be.  Sorrow will mean a devastating war and destruction to Saj-graf.


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