Young Aeroth

Saj-graf is a city one can sit for hours and listen to and learn nothing.  Yet on any given day the amount of information running through the streets is amazing.  There are people there of every social strata working on the behest of others for their own benefit.  If you sat at a tavern and struck up conversation with the most random of people you could learn anything from the current political climate to whether this year’s festival would top last years.  If you were fortunate enough to cross paths with a foreigner you might learn that they have more in common with you than the man seated on your right.  Some argue that it is to the benefit of the bar keeper or the serving girl to continue working there. They could trade the latest word to pass through their doors for the right price and make more in a minute than a year’s wages.

It was such hope of young Aeroth that one of these days while seated with his father and his father’s friends that he would hear a story or a hint that would take him on an adventure to far off lands.  It was the same dream many kids have when they are still grasping the size of the world they live in.   It was a grand, improbable dream of something changing the course of their life, and setting up a never ending excitement that is renewed with each dawn.

As a kid he knew very little of the hardships that such a thing would entail.  Aeroth was free of the constraints of life at this moment, his parents providing for his every need.  Aeroth did not know most of the stories came back home from people that put their life at risk to venture out.  He did not know the fear of a soldier sent by his lord to do combat in far off places.  He was unaware of the fears a merchant had every time he and his wagon left the safety of a town.  Aeroth did not even comprehend the risk a trapper put himself at working in the near forests.

It was much to his delight the day that Ertle and Kadin sat at a table behind his father and discussed the woes of their life.  Aeroth listened to Kadin tell the story of a family that had arrived in town, in need of work and shelter.  It was a sad story, yet Kadin’s soothing calm voice kept him hanging on every word.  Erlte’s response was in a tone opposite of Kadin, highly energetic almost as if he had a secret he was burning to tell but twice as happy to let you know he had it and was never going to tell it to you.  Aeroth did not understand the reason for Kadin’s stories.  He did not understand  Ertle’s response either.  And yet somehow the two seemed friendly when they departed, with Kadin handing a bag to Ertle and Ertle handing a sheet of paper to Kadin.


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