Ermore Inn

The winds blow across the moon filled grass planes causing them to sway with the winds.  A sole light flickers in the upstairs window of the Ermore Inn, as Dorian tends to the books for the week.  His records are not of the inns business but a census of his customers.  He is on retainer for the Prince and records all who travel past are sent on to him to monitor.  Dorian makes careful notes on the number of merchants that pass through and the goods they are transporting.  He has tried himself to make sense of what the Prince is looking for in this information, but nothing obvious to what Dorian sees.

As the ink dries and the candle burns to a nub, Dorian closes out another week of numbers.  Tomorrow the currier will be by to pick up the work and in exchange Dorian will be paid in coin.  He focuses on the dying flame thinking back that he has done this for almost ten years and no one is aware they are tracked.  Darkness wins the fight with the flame and Dorian closes the book and files it back on the shelf, where it looks like his other ledgers.

Dorian had worked at a counting house back in Saj-graf till an Uncle of his left him the Ermore Inn.  It had come as a shock that he would inherit something from a relative he hardly had ever seen. It turned out that the uncle had no immediate family and as the next heir in line for all of his uncles good he got the Inn and a sizeable windfall.  He turned his resignation in at the counting house and never looked back.  An agent of the Prince had told Dorian of his uncle’s arrangement with him and saw no reason not to continue it.

When Dorian came down the stairs to go to bed, he met one of his guests.  A tall woman by the name of Cerridwen, she had arrived early in the afternoon.  Traveling alone with her horse she decided to rest at the inn when Dorian had told her Saj-graf was still a full day’s ride ahead.  She smiled wryly, as Dorian noticed a glint of metal in her hand.  It was the last thing Dorian would recall before being found the next morning by another guest of the inn.

No one else recalled seeing her arrival or departure and indeed her room did not look touched.  Going out to the stables the stall her horse had been at was empty and unused.   Looking around his office after recovering it looked like all was in order and the report for Prince was still there.     Dorian was never as comfortable at the Ermore Inn after that day.  Never certain as to when Cerridwen would appear again.


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