Part 5

Sylph flipped three cards
She puzzled in her eyes
Flipping out more fates

She hummed ballads
And though paused sighs
She began to speak the mates

Do you know of Snow Bear
The Legion of Vale Fall
Or Mercenary Queen Tir Lyre

Sylph answered before trio dare
All hear forest heart call
Riches from which they desire

They will storm the three gate
With plans to slay guardians grand
Goblin is now chink in scheme

Antidote for Topaz’s fate
Amethyst will brothers band
Your three fates still in dream

Beyond this repast
I will be no help
So I shall use my magic

Wall of water iced blast
Will leave them like whelp
Till its fall tragic

No harm may I do
Yet in delay I may aid
Make haste to yonder slope

My fate worry not you
I will stand not afraid
For your future is only hope


Part 4

Second watch elf was wake
Thoughts of day in mind raced
Trust and doubt battle fought

Quiet morning sun did make
Eager to head out elf paced
On horizon Topaz signs sought

Onward to mountain cave
Goblin by Elf lead
Hope rising of quiet morning

Topaz would soon be save
Protecting glen from outer greed
Sudden arrow without warning

Arrow pierced goblin arm
Elf searched for archer
Before second volley fly

Elf fired arrow in alarm
From sound of army marcher
Amethyst passed overhead in sky

Dragon let lightning loose
Down fell archer from his roost
Elf to Goblin wound did tend

Scouts in distance use
Direction of army deduced
Reckless abandon no safety spend

As duo made their haste
At bridge new ally met
Hobgoblin friend of elf

Relaying tale of army chased
Hobgoblin agree onward to set
Toward river of one more sylph

No rest would trio bind
On travels to Topaz mine
One day more till mountain climb

Cross river sylph they find
On fish and apples she dine
Urging trio to join in her chime

Part 3

At gate Amethyst paced
Over ashen bodies he trod
Spying distant two in rush

At attention dragon braced
As approached foe with rod
Ogre spell cast and fell a hush

Silenced Amethyst clawed
While elf and goblin pierce
Victorious lizard smiled at ally’s return

Goblin offered healing and laud
Amethyst returned fierce
Ogre body now to burn

Elf and goblin on ward went
Topaz next they seek
In no less harmless land

Across meadows time was spent
Goblin trailed feeling meek
Elf in growing confidence planned

The two stopped at fountain ruin
To drink each their fill
When from sky assailant flew

Down from Sky stones were strewn
As harpy onslaught grew intent on kill
Elf from back javelin drew

Hurling pole toward nearest foe
Harpy cawed and mocked
Goblin search pack for aid

Stone met armor in each blow
Goblin hand around hatchet locked
Turned and flung at assailant blade

Hatchet hit harpy wing true
While stones continued to fly
Elf chanted sacred spell

Goblin bid fallen harpy swift adieu
And Elven flame came from the sky
Harpy menace it did quell

As night fell shelter the pair sought
Another day till Topaz be healed
Bitter root stew no sate did provide

Goblin watched first with trust bought
Quiet sentry with lantern and sword wield
First moon set was night’s divide

The Calling

The calling came in early rage
Asking for residence and stage
I pushed it back best I knew
All in an attempt to help you
It sent unheard words past
Digging into your mind vast
Walls to guard against built
Left for me to navigate their guilt
Running in those shadowed lands
Called again without stretched hands
Each knocked back when I embraced
Trying to mitigate damage as I raced
At times making it hard to see
They could not keep you from me
It was not always a daily fight
Each to rest between each plight
In the days of fog and rain
Hesitation to ask for ease of pain
Then back again once more
To help brace inner door
Rest now and then in my gaze
Each bout does slowly phase
Till the call your name no longer knows
Here to guard as long it goes

Part 2

I shall guide you there quick
Through yonder woods
Spoke witch to gnome

Witch took lead with stick
next was gnome then goblin stood
Elf was last as he followed home

In line down deer’s trail
On to Amethyst gate
Quartet went in silence

In hour’s time plans derail
As trio into pit did sail
Witch looked down in defiance

Gnome did grunt in blow
Elf did storm in curse
Goblin silent indignation

How think you I know
Dragon does get worse
You shan’t be guardian salvation

Up old gnome did float
On magical spell flow
Next came rain of fire

Around which it did coat
Pain and death it sow
Victory at gnome’s tire

Orders given In raspy voice
Take tincture vile to cure
Topaz, amethyst and emerald

Goblin grabbed with little choice
Elf not sure intentions pure
Down the path ground trembled

Part 1

Amethyst was there for wisdom
Topaz the next gate was skeptic
Emerald was last keeper of the glen

Dragons to protect the kingdom
Hold back the outside antic
And keep back the fen

Elf in hurried nights pursuit
Beyond the Amethyst ward
Heft axe high for to thwart

Yet goblin in armor suit
Raised in defense sword
A gnomish lady of magic sort

No further may you go
These lands sacred now flee
Demanded elf between cleave

Retorted Goblin with counter blow
Sorceress is here at Dragon’s plea
Not here for secrets to thieve

Blades fell short at revelation
Contemplation took hold of mind
Gnome smirked and bowed

At the near ogre roared in elation
An easy meal he did find
Three courses for giant glowed

Trio did no panic at the sound
But flight they did so make
As food was no their destiny

To the Amethyst they bound
Though no direct path take
Not knowing ogre’s tenacity

Their progress did now halt
As tree flew over head
What path to now take

To right a mine of salt
The left was taken instead
Round the witches lake

Into a trap they may have gone
Young witch away ogre sent
Yet herself a mystery of motive

Grey haired youth posed at dawn
Why was ogre on you bent
Did thee intend to make it explosive

Sorecess in kind did reply
He thought us best as food
Though why are we for you to thank

With words not so sly
I am curios why Elf left wood
And ventured to my water’s bank

Elf spoke in word keen
My elders their help did seek
My job to guide them thither

Witch with wisdom unseen
Elder Topaz is getting week
Gnome you should not dither


Who was it coming to collect their toll
Why did it send shivers in the soul
As winds of warning blew
The guardian numbers dropped to few
In haste all things were to defend
Before the new comers could upend
It was in rage the tree fell
Hopes and dreams to dispel
All done at beck of fear
The powerless shed no tear
Fruit and flowers discarded
With each toss beauty departed
Fruit was to feed the brave
Yet even this did not save
Glorious branches cut at lightning strike
Forged into warriors’ pike
Sitting in wait for an enemy unseen
Not thinking of the piece that could have been
On the grounds of paradise lost
Never knowing true cost


Crimson sun rose summer morning
As triplets woke to vision warming
Looking down on valley low
Verdant passage past would go
The first with short auburn hair
her soft skin fair
Second with chestnut curls
They traced her thoughts in swirls
The third hair raven black
Braided long down his back

Not certain down that path to seek
Done with searched mountain peak
The first with thoughts noble true
Sought to help the sickened through
Second hoped for power grand
To raise those with reached out hand
The third feared deception and strife
Hoping to free land where rife

Radiance they set to spread
With nary a thought of dread
As day and hour passed
They were set all aghast
For what was green above
Was suffering under iron glove
Rusted lands in its grip
Bent on control not slip

Triplets arrived here too late
The land content to suffer fate
The first gave aid to all she met
They thanked but ways were set
Second plotted and planned
They thanked but thought it bland
The third rallied and riled
They thanked and strife stay wild

Disheartened the made toward home
Back up hill past fields loam
At valley edge road stood a band
They pleaded triplets make one more stand
Plan was made for morning light
Try again to make a fight
For those downtrodden to wake anew
See the world with different view.


I was relaxed in gilded paradise
Not giving thought ever twice
I sat in enjoying radiant gold
And other pleasing colors bold
All desire was within my reach
All my mind to do was beseech

One morning as I went to stand
It struck me to flee this land
For the gilding was nothing deep
And things past paradise seep
I heard woeful distant song
As I made sole way against throng
I meandered to land’s end quick
Listening to lyrical calls thick

Pausing more than once to ponder
Goal of songs from yonder
Were they to trick me from my ease
Or someone begging at the knees.
Further along seeking them out
Lack of others on this path made doubt
Yet now I stand at guarded gate
Leave paradise and seal my fate
Go forth into the unknown

With my restlessness now grown
I ask those the safe keepers for thought
And told leave I should naught
Yet torn to be different I feel
Where should I proceed with my zeal
Safe back to my room and rote
Or pull tight my overcoat

In crimson robe did he sit
Awkward did the garment fit
Waiting to bestow title and rank
Upon the best in class and thank

She stood late in line to tell
Young lady knight Martel
Blonde hair short like stature
Fierce eagle upon her banner
Grey eyes gazed out bright
Others mistook with a bit of fright

Robed elder looked in her in the eye
Greatness in her future spy
Small command was she given
A quintet of green with potential hidden
To guard the marches and wild
From whence the family came this child

She swore to protect home and Lord
With her body and her sword
Not knowing that it was this night
Goblins would fall in with delight
Destroying farm and forest
Causing her protectorate unrest

It was here Martel would test
And not falter with the best
They eager to her prove
At her command they move
Martel young and brave
Guarded others from early grave

Lady of the land rewarded
Goblin problem now all sorted
Hers was not the glory had
For she dealt it to five lad
Hungry for guide and purpose
To the weak now she in service